Colleen A. Fahy, Ph.D

Professor of Economics

508-767-7558 Tsotsis Family Academic Center - Room 228

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Economics of the Public Sector
Micro-Economic Theory
Corporate Finance
Economics of Women and the Family

Publications & Editorships

Fahy, Colleen. “Internet versus Traditional Retailing: An Address Model Approach.” Journal of Economics and Business (2006).

Fahy, Colleen. “The Choice of Local Government Structure in Massachusetts: A Historical Public Choice Perspective.” Social Science Quarterly 79 (1998).

Fahy, Colleen. “Local Fiscal Constraints, Inefficiencies and the Median Voter.” Journal of Business and Economic Studies 3:3 (1997).

Fahy, Colleen. “A Spatial Analysis of District Participation in Public School Choice.” Journal of School Choice (2020)

Fahy, Colleen. “Fiscal Capacity Measurement and Equity in Local Contributions to Schools: The Effects of Education Finance Reform in Massachusetts.” Journal of Education Finance (2012)

Fahy, Colleen. “Education Funding in Massachusetts: The Effects of Aid Modifications on Vertical and Horizontal Equity.” Journal of Education Finance (2011)