Construction of Campus Pub Begins in Hagan Campus Center

Sep 05, 2023

As advocates for holistic student growth and a vibrant campus community, Assumption University proudly unveils an inspiring addition: an on-campus pub – a project initiated by students themselves.

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, universities nurture not only knowledge but also vital social skills. Our student-driven pub fosters dialogue, friendships, and life skills in the company of friends, transcending its role as a mere hangout to become a nexus of creativity, culture, and community.

Guided by student input, this pub will be situated in the heart of the Hagan Campus Center and will offer:

  • A gaming zone
  • A cozy fireplace area
  • An entertainment stage (music, poetry, etc.)
  • Billiards and interactive games
  • A music jukebox
  • TVs for sports and trivia excitement
  • Comfortable seating with rustic farmhouse tables
  • A versatile “Café” prep area for catering

This project symbolizes the collaborative spirit of our university, where student voices continue to shape its development.

Patrick Sedgewick ’23, a pivotal originator of the pub proposal, joined forces with President Greg Weiner, Ph.D., to initiate the ceremonial demolition of the old space in August of 2023. This symbolic gesture paves the way for the birth of the new pub, embodying the enduring vision and collaboration that define Assumption University.

Click below to view the ceremonial demolition.


Alumni, friends, and donors to the University are invited to join us in empowering students to flourish in the company of friends. Your generosity fuels their journey and leaves a legacy that resonates for years to come. Click here to donate to the Assumption Pub