Mar 30, 2021
Dmitriy Ivanov

Assumption Offers Seamless Transition, Uninterrupted Study for Becker Students

In an effort to support those students affected by the unfortunate closure of neighboring Becker College, Assumption has announced that the University and Becker have signed an agreement to offer Becker students the opportunity for an uninterrupted continuation of their degree programs. Assumption will provide a seamless transition for eligible Becker students majoring in six areas: computer science, graphic design, management, nursing, pre-physical therapy, and psychology. 

“It is our hope that this agreement will ease the burden of Becker students who are now seeking alternatives to their course of study in pursuit of a degree,” said Assumption President Francesco C. Cesareo, Ph.D. “We understand the unique challenges faced by Becker students as they search for a new institution to continue their degree programs or for a new institution at which to begin their college careers. Assumption has entered into an agreement with Becker to ensure eligible students who wish to pursue their education at Assumption will be able to do so without interruption and with the full support of the University’s admissions, academic, and student life teams.”

Per the arrangement, those students who meet Assumption’s criteria and were enrolled in a Becker College baccalaureate program in spring 2021 or were accepted for fall 2021 admission to a baccalaureate program at Becker College are eligible to partake in the transfer opportunity or apply to the University. Assumption is offering to Becker students a waiver of all application fees and access to the University’s Instant Decision Day program, in which students (with the exception of nursing students) can obtain an acceptance decision on the spot, eliminating the stress of waiting for an admissions decision. Becker students interested in transferring into the Froelich School of Nursing are subject to Assumption’s eligibility criteria and acceptance is based upon availability of space.  

Assumption is also extending to Becker students an education at the same net tuition amount they would have paid at Becker during the 2021-22 Academic Year.

“The Assumption community is ready to welcome Becker students to campus for a close-knit, engaging experience, much like that offered by Becker, and to support them in their journey to become thoughtful, engaged, and compassionate citizens,” President Cesareo added.

For more information, visit the Welcoming Becker Students to Assumption information page.