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Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting

Cybercrimes and identity theft are rapidly growing threats in today’s ever-increasing digital world. Assumption’s minor in Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting will provide students with the skills needed to combat crimes such as embezzlement and corporate malfeasance, restoring morality and ethics to the business world.

Every day, identity theft and fraud are responsible for the destruction of not only individual businesses and lives, but also has a negative impact on the economy. For these reasons, fraud examination and forensic accounting is one of the fastest growing sectors within the financial and accounting industries. Assumption’s program combines the financial knowledge as well as the investigative and communication skills needed to tackle these complex crimes. 

The forensic accounting and fraud examination courses are complemented by instruction in business ethics, cybersecurity, criminology, corporate governance, and data security. With an educational foundation steeped in the liberal arts and a business program committed to forming socially responsible and ethical graduates, students will be well-prepared to work in an array of diverse fields, including assessing strategic risk for organizations like the FBI and the Big 4 public accounting firms.  

Program Contact

Francis Marino, MBA, MST, CPA

Department of Accounting
508-767-7245 Tsotsis Family Academic Center - Room 326

Program Curriculum

  • Required Courses (7)
    ACC 125             Principles of Accounting I
    ACC 126             Principles of Accounting II
    MGT 100             Introduction to Management
    ACC/MGT 331    Fraud Examination
    ACC 332             Forensic Accounting
    BUS 320             Issues in Corporate Governance and White Collar Crime
    CYB 115             Cybersecurity Fundamentals

    Elective (1)
    ACC 211             Accounting Information Systems
    ACC 420             Auditing
    PHI 260              Business Ethics
    MGT 301            Business and Society
    CSC 335            Computer and Data Security
    SOC 242            Criminology

    Course Descriptions

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