Club Sports

Club Sports are student organizations established to promote and develop individual interest in various sports and recreational activities.

At Assumption,  Club Sports are student organizations. That means students are involved of all aspects of coordinating competitions and practices. Club Sports promote and develop an individual's interest in various sports and recreational activities and may be instructional, recreational, or competitive in nature. Each Club Sport is developed, governed and managed by its student membership in collaboration with the Campus Recreation administrative staff.  The key to the success of this program, and each club, is your leadership, interest, involvement and participation. Our Club Sports promote leadership development, responsibility, decision making, public relations, organization and fiscal management, as well as specific sport-related skills.

Students are responsible for the internal organization and conduct of their Club activities. Therefore, the success and strength of the Club Sports program depends upon your initiative, motivation, and leadership. The management and organization of a Club Sport is an educational experience providing many opportunities for your growth as a person and professional. Each Club Sport drafts their constitution and by-laws; conducts meetings; establishes dues to offset expenditures; plans fundraising projects; coordinates practices, competition and special events; publicize events; and collaborate with other members to develop a successful program. No club may restrict its membership on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.  All clubs are non-cut, although levels of participation in a club may be determined through tryouts (ie. competitive vs. general member)

Participation is co-ed, men, or women. There are three levels of Club Sports:

  1. Recreational: Scheduled practice time for program instruction. Group activity is for fun and relaxation.
  2. Instructional: Scheduled practice time and program instruction as student interest warrants. Tournament opportunities could be available, though not necessarily required.  Skill level can range from beginner to advance.
  3. Competitive: Scheduled competitive meets with other Club Sports or sub-varsity programs with any institution, requires coach(s), establishes a regular practice schedule, and develops on-going fundraising activities through outside sources. Enhanced level of skill development, fundraising and administration.

Assumption University's Club Sports

Basketball – Men Basketball – Women Cheerleading
Dance Team Equestrian Figure Skating
Latin Dance Martial Arts Outdoors Club
Running Club Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball – Men
Volleyball - Women Women's Club Soccer  

Interested in a club that is not listed? Have no fear!  All of our existing clubs were proposed, researched and started by students. Each fall we welcome students to discuss the creation of new clubs? What club will you suggest, develop and lead at Assumption?


The nationally recognized Assumption University Cheerleading team leads the crowd in supporting the football and basketball games and performs at Bleed Blue, local competitions, as well as the National Collegiate Cheerleading Competition. The team is open to all students and provides two options; the Competitive Team and the Game Team.



The nationally recognized Assumption University Dance Team is a group of highly motivated and dedicated students. The Dance Team supports the student body by performing at football and basketball games as well as other campus events including Midnight Madness, and regional and national competitions. 


The Assumption University Equestrian Team is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). They are a strictly competitive hunter/jumper team that competes regularly in Zone 1, Region 1 of the IHSA.  They ride at Four Winds Equestrian Center in Oxford, Massachusetts three times per week. In addition to riding and competing, they volunteer at local equestrian-related events throughout the year.

Latin Dance

The Latin Dance Club is an instructional level club whose members learn and promote Latin-inspired dance within the Assumption Community in addition to performing annually during the Latino Festival, Step and Dance Competition, and Multi-Cultural Day. Membership is open to all students regardless of experience and heritage. 

Men's Volleyball

The Men’s Club Volleyball team is a competitive level club sport that competes at local and regional tournaments. They are an exciting group of athletes having fun who enjoy the sport along with the competition. They are also members of the New England Collegiate Volleyball League (NECVL). 

Outdoors Club

The Outdoors Club offers students the opportunity to enjoy and experience the outdoors in a safe, educational, and fun environment. To serve both experienced outdoor enthusiasts and novices alike, the club sponsors events that offer a variety of outdoor experiences, with ranging levels of physical challenge. A strong emphasis is placed on building relationships between club members.

Running Club

The Running Club establishes a judgment-free group of individuals who aspire to maximize their potential fitness and strive to complete new goals. Focusing predominately on running, as well as other means of fitness, the hope for this group is that individuals gain a better understanding of the whole picture of fitness while completing goals they may have not previously considered.

Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee Club is comprised of students who have strong skills and an interest in competing in ultimate frisbee games and tournaments sanctioned by the USA Ultimate in and around the Northeast. The club promotes physical, mental and social fitness and builds leadership, initiative, and teamwork among the members. 

Women's Basketball

The Assumption University Women's Club Basketball is open to all female students at the University. The program has two different levels; Competitive and Recreational. The Competitive Level consists of practice, traveling to tournaments and competing in leagues. The Recreational Level consists of scrimmages and practices. The club meets twice a week to practice and organize tournaments and games.

Blue and White Sports

Assumption University is pleased to announce the creation of Blue & White Sports at the University, beginning in the 2019-20 academic year.  The first three-sport offerings will be men’s swimming, women’s ice hockey, and esports.

These programs will compete against other schools in the region with the expectation of eventually competing at the highest national club level for their respective sport. A qualified coach has been hired for each sport to recruit potential student-athletes and then help them develop the necessary skills to be successful once they arrive on campus.