CARES Act Funding for Students

Assumption College signed and submitted its Certification and Agreement for the CARES Act funding on April 23, 2020 and plans to use this funding in the amount of $742,516 to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to enrolled full-time undergraduate day students.  

As of today, May 18, 2020, Assumption has not yet distributed any CARE Act funding to students; this page will be updated as funds are distributed.  The estimated total number of students who meet the criteria to award CARES Act funding is 1,500 students.  

Assumption College has not finalized the amount of funding students will receive or the methodology in determining which students will receive the CARES Act Emergency Financial Aid Grants.  CARES Act funding directions will be provided to students once the amount of funding and methodology in determining who will receive CARES Act funding is finalized by the institution.