First Callings Project

Helping first-year students begin their journey to find meaning and purpose in life and work.

First-year students in Assumption University's class of 2023 in conjunction with the College’s Center for Purpose and Vocation created The First Callings Project, an inspirational archive of stories focusing on the journey to finding the meaning and purpose of life. This StoryCorps format gives first-year students an opportunity to look within as they enter into a University where critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service are a part of a student’s daily purpose. 

“Assumption is on the brink of many exciting changes from the very recent opening of the Center for Purpose and Vocation, to the opening of the Froelich School of Nursing and the new Schools of Business, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Graduate Studies and Continuing Education,” shared Jenny Morrison, Ph.D., who oversees the first-year class as assistant vice president for academic affairs. “We were excited by the opportunity to have students participate in a StoryCorps-like project where they could interview family members and others who inspire them.”

The University welcomes all students to continue to find inspiration and listen to the audio interviews below.

First Callings Project Interviews