Lisa D'Souza, Ph.D.

Professor of Education

508-767-7443 Kennedy Memorial Hall - Room 159

Degrees Earned

B.A., Wake Forest University, 1998
M.A. Ed., Wake Forest University, 1999
Ph.D., Boston College, 2009
Dissertation: “Assessing what counts: Learning to teach for pupil learning”

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Edu 101 – Teachers and Teaching in American Schools
Edu 323 – History and Social Science in the Elementary Curriculum 
Edu 344 – Curriculum and Methods in History and Social Science (5-12)
Edu 330 – The Middle School: Concept and Curriculum 
Edu 302F- Pre-practicum supervision for teacher candidates


Peer-reviewed Publications

D’Souza, L.A. (2020). Preparing Middle School Teachers to Build Growth Mindset Classrooms. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues, and Ideas. (AMLE publication).

Barnatt, J., D’Souza, L., Gleeson, A., Viesca, K., Wery, J. (2020) Intercultural Competence in Pre-Service Teacher Candidates. International Journal of Educational Reform, 29(3), p. 211-235.

D’Souza, L.A. & Kullberg, M. (2018). Developing future citizens of America: Repositioning Social Studies in an Era of Accountability. Social Studies Education Review, 7(2), pp. 1-14. 

D’Souza, L. A. (2018). Using storied-identity to explore a case study of teacher mediocrity. Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research, 12, pp. 157-172. 
D’Souza, L. A. (2017). Creating a Community of Learners in a Middle School Methods Course. The Middle School Journal, 48(5), pp. 21-27. 

Gleeson, A.M. & D’Souza, L.A. (Nov/Dec 2016). Expanding local to global through ESRI story maps. Social Studies and the Young Learner, 29(2), pp.14-16; P1-P4.

Gleeson, A.M. & D’Souza, L. A. (2016). Reframing a social studies methods course: Preparing elementary teacher candidates for the common core. The Social Studies, 107 (5), pp. 165-170.

Barnatt, J., Gahlsdorf, D., D’Souza, L., Jong, C., Gleason, A.M., Viesca, K, Cochran-Smith, M., McQuillan, P., & Shakman, K. (2016). Interpreting Early Career Trajectories. Educational Policy, pp. 1-41. 

D’Souza, L. A. & Gleeson, A.M. (Fall 2014). Preparing Secondary Preservice Social Studies Teachers for the Common Core. The Ohio Social Studies Review, 51(2), pp. 34-44.
D’Souza, L. A. (2014). Bridging the gap for beginning teachers: Researcher as mentor. International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education, 3(2), pp. 171-187.

D’Souza, L.A. (2011/2012). Assessing student learning through guided inquiry: A case study of a beginning teacher. Journal of Education, 192(2/3), 79-87. Published December 2012.

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McQuillan, P.J., D’Souza, L.A., Scheopner, A. J., Miller, G.R., Gleeson, A. M., Mitchell, K., Enterline, S., Cochran-Smith, M. (December, 2009). Reflecting on pupil learning to promote social justice: A Catholic University’s approach to assessment. Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice, 13(2), 157-184.
McQuillan, P.J., Jong, C., D’Souza, L.A., Mitchell, K., Lam, K., Shakman, K., Gleeson, A.M., Enterline, S., Power, C. & Cochran-Smith, M. (December, 2009). Some pieces that matter in teacher education: The synergy of social justice, Inquiry-Into Practice and meeting the needs of diverse learners. Asian Journal of Educational Research and Synergy 1(2), 47-65. 

Dickinson, D., Darrow, C., Ngo, S., D’Souza, L. (2009). Narrowing the Gap Between Potential and Reality: The Challenge of Changing Classroom Conversations. In O. Barbarin & B. Wasik (Eds.), Handbook of Developmental Science and Early Education. NY: Guilford Press. Published December 2009.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers and Presentations:

D’Souza, L.A. (to be presented April 2021). Motivating Middle-Level Learners. Paper to be presented at New England Educational Research Organization Annual Meeting, Portsmouth, NH

Stringer Keefe, E., Lewis, R., D’Souza, L.A., Mason, P. (November 2020) Teaching and Learning During Crisis: Collaboration for the Collective Good. Presentation at MACTE: Massachusetts Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Virtual.

D’Souza, L.A., Barnatt, J., Gleeson, A.M. (November 2019). Developing Global Educators: Intercultural Competence as Agency. Roundtable presentation at the International Assembly of The National Council for Social Studies Annual Conference, Austin, TX.

Grants and Awards

2019 Recipient of the Kim Fries Early Career Scholars Award -New England Educational Research Organization

2017 Recipient of the Assumption College Michael O’Shea Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching 

2016 Distinguished Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association’s Annual Meeting 

2016 Recipient of Rubovits Award for Best Paper presented at the annual conference of the New England Educational Research Organization.

Professional Affiliations

New England Education Research Association 2005 – Present

Association for Middle Level Education 2013- Present

National Council for Social Studies/College & University Faculty Assembly 2013- Present

American Education Research Association 2003-2015