Kevin Hickey, MLA

Associate Professor of Geography

508-767-7269 Founders Hall - Room 308

Degrees Earned

B.A., Boston University; Geography, 1970
M.A., Boston University; Physical Geography, 1972
M.L.A. Harvard University; Environmental Planning, 1976

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Introductory Physical and Human Geography
Descriptive Physical Oceanography
Introduction to Meteorology

Publications & Editorships

Hickey, Kevin. “Who Needs to Know,” International Ground Water Technology, 8(1995).

Hickey, Kevin. “Swedes in America: New Perspectives”, ed UFL Beijbom, coauthored chapter within Ethnic Relations in American Cities entitled “The Importance of Being Protestant”, The Swedish Emigrant Institute’s Series, Davidsons Tryckeri AS, VAXJO ISBN: 0349-6619.

Co-Author “Strategies for Building Collegiate Community”, Three Case Studies, The National Institute For Campus Ministries, Vol 8, #2 & 3, ISBN 0362-0794, 1983


“Finding Forgotten Neighborhoods: Social Impacts of Economic Change’, National Association of American Geographers Meeting, Portland Oregon, 1987. 

“A Swedish Success model: A Comparative Study of Ethic Communities within Worcester, Massachusetts 1870-1910″, Proceedings of the Association of American Geographers Meetings, Louisville, 1982. 

“The Immigrant Klan: A Socio-Economic Profile of KKK Membership in Worcester, Massachusetts 1922-25″, National Association of American Geographers Meeting, Los Angeles, 1981.