J. Patrick Corrigan, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Philosophy

508-767-7581 Founders Hall - Room 305

Degrees Earned

B.A., The Catholic University of America; Philosophy and Religion,1977 
M.A., The University of Texas at Austin; Philosophy, 1980
Ph.D., The Catholic University of America, 1996
Ph.D. Thesis Title: “Hume, Price and Reid on the Normative Foundations of Morals (David Hume, Richard Price, Thomas Reid)”

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Trials and Deaths of Socrates and Jesus
Seminar: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
Hume’s Essays and Enquiries
How Philosophers Begin
Human Nature (w/S Theroux, Biology)
Foundations of the West: Philosophy & Religion I-II
God and the Philosophers


“Socrates of Phaedo: Theseus or Minotaur?,” 22nd Mediterranean Studies Congress. Rethymnon, Crete, Greece. May 2019

“Educating a Good Woman: Lucrezia’s Rinascita in Machiavelli’s Mandragola,” 19th Mediterranean Studies Congress. Palermo, Italy. May 2016

“Why Dehumanizing Others Harms Oneself: A Humean Approach.” 17th Mediterranean Studies Congress. Marbella, Spain. May 2014

“The Deaths of Plato’s Socrates and Matthew’s Jesus.” 14th Mediterranean Studies Congress. Corfu, Greece. May 2011. 

“Self-knowledge through Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.” 2008 Association for Core Texts and Courses. Plymouth, MA. April 2008. 

Commentator on “The Historic Clash of Western Ethics in Renaissance Florence.” 2006 Business & Economics Society International Conference. Florence, Italy. July 2006. 

“A Canon of One’s Own.” at Second International Conference of New Directions in the Humanities. Prato, Italy. July 2004. 

“Teaching Epictetus” at 10th Association for Core Texts and Courses. Dallas, Texas. April 2004. 

“‘Of Miracles’: a link between the two Enquiries.” 25th Conference of the Hume Society. University of Stirling, Scotland. July 1998.