Daniel Mahoney, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

Augustinian Boulanger Chair

508-767-7547 Founders Hall - Room 330

Degrees Earned

B.A., College of Holy Cross, 1982
M.A., Catholic University of America; Political Science, 1984
Ph.D., Catholic University of America; Political Science, 1988
Ph.D. Thesis Title: “The Liberal Political Science of Raymond Aron: Statesmanlike Prudence at the Dawn of Universal History”

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Political Issues
Modern States
Ideology and Revolution
The Study of International Relations: Thucydides to Aron
Political Economy: Smith to Hayek
Political Leadership
Politics and Literature
Classical Utopias
Senior Seminar: Democracy Ancient and Modern

Publications & Editorships

Mahoney, D.J. The Conservative Foundations of Liberal Order: Defending Democracy Against ITS Modern Enemies and Immoderate Friends (Forthcoming). ISI Books, January 2011.

With Edward E. Ericson, Jr., Professor Mahoney is the editor of The Solzhenitsyn Reader: New and Essential Writings, 1947-2005. ISI Books, 2006.

Mahoney, D.J. Bertrand de Jouvenel: The Conservative Liberal and the Illusions of Modernity. ISI Books, 2005.

Mahoney, D.J. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: The Ascent From Ideology. Rowman & Littlefield, 2001. (Appeared in a revised and augmented French edition as Alexandre Soljenitsyne: En finir avec l’ideologie, Fayard, 2008).

Mahoney, D.J. De Gaulle: Statesmanship, Grandeur, and Modern Democracy. Praeger, 1996 (revised paperback edition, Transaction Publishers, 2001).

Mahoney, D.J. The Liberal Political Science of Raymond Aron. Rowman & Littlefield, 1992. (A French edition appeared in 1998).

Professor Mahoney is the author of over one hundred twenty introductions, books, articles, and book reviews that have appeared in a wide range of scholarly and public journals. His writings have appeared in French, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Norwegian and Portuguese translation.


Professor Mahoney has made well over one hundred presentations at professional and public conferences.

Grants and Awards

Received the prestigious Prix Raymond Aron in 1999.

Professional Affiliations

Associate Editor of Perspectives on Political Science and Book Review Editor of Society.