Feb 27, 2020
Dmitriy Ivanov

A Nursing Degree from Assumption Prepares You for Success

To become an exceptional nurse, you must first learn to think like one. A bachelor’s in nursing from Assumption is the ideal way to develop this ability.

Through our innovative nursing program—enhanced by Assumption’s liberal arts core curriculum—you’ll build essential nursing skills, knowledge, and capacities. A nursing degree from Assumption will cultivate and refine your ability to make solid clinical judgments, communicate therapeutically, and provide high-quality, safe, ethical, and compassionate care.

What makes the Assumption nursing program unique?

1. You’ll study nursing in a state-of-the-art facility.

health sciences building

Our stunning, strategically designed Health Sciences building is set to be completed in Fall 2020. You’ll prepare for your bachelor’s of science degree in nursing in active-learning nursing classrooms, a spacious skills lab with seven full-size hospital beds, and four simulation suites featuring high-fidelity mannequins. You’ll build competence in a safe setting, testing your knowledge and perfecting your technique as you encounter healthcare scenarios of increasing complexity.

nursing lab at assumption

2. You’ll benefit from unrivaled resources.

nursing students working on sim baby

A critical teaching tool for nursing students, high-fidelity mannequins are programmed to maximize patient-nurse interaction in a secure teaching and learning environment. Our clinical nursing suite will house the following Laerdal manikins, which cover a diverse range of age, gender, and ethnic variations: SimMan 3G, SimMom, SimNewB, SimBaby, SimJunior, and four Nursing Annes.

Students in the nursing program also benefit from audio-visual capabilities at every point of care, which allow faculty to engage in debriefing exercises—a best-practice strategy for developing clinical judgment and providing competent treatment.

3. Interactive nursing tools enable active learning.

nursing students working with Apple technology

4. You’ll gain nursing skills required for a professional license.

Nurses must think at a higher level, make sound clinical judgements with limited information, and perform these actions in fast-paced environments while maintaining empathy, compassion, and patient dignity. These are the foci of the new State Board licensing exam. Assumption’s nursing program is comprehensive, contemporary, and prepared to support you in meeting these expectations. We’re focused on equipping nurses to thrive in our evolving healthcare industry—today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

To think like a nurse, study at Assumption.