Hound of the Week: David Cifarelli ’19

Mar 12, 2019

When David got to Assumption, he knew the importance of putting himself out there and expanding outside of his comfort zone by involving himself on and off campus. He now credits his involvement on campus for preparing him for success post-grad. As a past orientation leader, current Editor in Chief of Le Provocateur, a tutor at the ASC, and an Admissions Ambassador, David has emphasized the way this involvement has connected him with his peers. “Assumption has positively impacted my life by introducing me to the number of ways to make connections with other people that will last my whole lifetime. I know that I can always refer back to these individuals who gave me a solid foundation for success during my undergrad years.”

As for David’s biggest passion on campus: music and helping others. “In my orientation leader intro, I talked about how I have a passion for music. This passion helped me realize that I want to become a music journalist after college. This drove me to first join the Provoc and write music reviews. At the same time, I realized how much of a passion I have for achievement and helping others. This drove me to get involved in areas such as Orientation, Admissions, and Volunteering. I hope to combine all of these passions into one at some point in my life.”