During Day of Service, Assumption Students Demonstrate Volunteerism and Compassion

Aug 22, 2019

On the day before the Class of 2023 arrived on campus, nearly 200 student-leaders volunteered in several locations across the city of Worcester as part of the annual Assumption Loves Worcester Day of Service. Student-leaders came together to spruce up public housing complexes as part of Assumption’s mission to serve through compassionate service. 

“Today is a special day for the Assumption community just for everyone to get together and show their love for Assumption which extends beyond the Assumption gates,” said Jordan Swift, a resident director who supervised the student work at an apartment complex on Lincoln Street. “Showing our love for the community, showing our love for Worcester, and beyond.”

For the last six years, Assumption has worked with the Worcester Housing Authority (WHA) for the Assumption Loves Worcester Day of Service, in which student-leaders spend a few hours volunteering at community areas in need of assistance. The student-leaders volunteered to help with tasks to gentrify three different public housing complexes in the city. 

Mike Reynolds, maintenance supervisor of Great Brook Valley properties, welcomed the students, who spent the morning painting railings and gates, parking lot barricades, and helped assemble a fence across the 26-acre Great Brook Valley and Curtis Apartments property.  

“It takes a lot of burden off of our back in the maintenance department because we don’t have enough staff to do things and there are things we can’t get to throughout the year,” said Reynolds. “Knowing I can count on this group, we are able to get a tremendous amount of work done in just a very short window that would typically take me months to do. Having this assistance is fantastic.” 

“I think [today is] a good way to come out and give back to the community,” said David Pepin ’20, an English and marketing major from Medway, who volunteered at the Great Brook Valley site. “Students are the future of Worcester, so it’s kind of important for us to get into all the parts of Worcester and really experience it, and try to do our part at every level.” 

Student-leaders like Zach Dubreuil ’21, a history major from Chicopee who serves as an orientation leader, peer minister and is involved in the residence hall association, said volunteering is an important part of leadership training because it helps build character.  “Most colleges don’t really do stuff like this, so I think it’s important for us to build our leadership skills and take on this role, just doing any task they need us to do,” he said. 

“I feel like [Assumption Loves Worcester day] is really about giving back to the community that we live in, and being able to provide our services to those who might need it more and be able to help others,” said Elizabeth Chomiak ’22, of Ridgefield, CT, who worked at the Lincoln Street site. “This is the mission of our institution, ‘until Christ be formed in you,’ and I feel like this is a great way to show it.”