Dec 13, 2021
Dmitriy Ivanov

Assumption’s Rehabilitation Counseling Program Ranked Best in the Nation

Assumption University’s Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling degree program has been ranked number one in the nation by Intelligent in its Top 19 Master’s in Addictions and Recovery Degree Programs and third in the country in its Top 26 Online Master’s in Addictions and Recovery Degree Programs.

According to Intelligent, addiction counselors are becoming increasingly important in our society in which more than two million Americans abuse opioids and offenders are more often being sentenced to recovery programs rather than jail. The organization also shares that the addiction counseling job market is projected to grow 22 percent by 2028, and are employed by hospitals, community health centers, and employee assistance organizations.

Assumption’s rehabilitation counseling graduate program has been training compassionate and competent rehabilitation counselors for more than 50 years. The program empowers students to develop the skills to succeed in rehabilitation settings and is complemented by studies in an array of other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, natural sciences, economics, education, and humanities.