Jan 04, 2019
Dmitriy Ivanov

Assumption’s Accounting Program Among Top 10 in Massachusetts

Accounting Degree Review has ranked Assumption’s accounting program at number 7 in its recently published “Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs in Massachusetts.

The purpose of Accounting Degree Review’s “Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Program” rankings is to highlight the merits of each institution included in its list and the academic opportunities afforded to prospective students. The schools and programs are evaluated based on publicly available information, including previous rankings in publications like The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report (both of which ranked Assumption among their top institutions this fall). The criteria deemed most critical for prospective students are accreditation, academic quality, cost, return on investment, and reputation in the field, as assessed by peers and employers.

At Assumption, students can pursue either a major or minor in accounting, and also have the option of earning a master’s degree after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Assumption’s accounting program enables students to develop professional skills and knowledge that prepare them for careers in public accounting firms, corporate settings, or nonprofit institutions. One particular advantage of Assumption’s accounting curriculum is its breadth of business coursework and strong liberal arts foundation. Employers appreciate the critical thinking and communication skills that Assumption graduates bring to the workplace.