Dec 07, 2018
Dmitriy Ivanov

Assumption Ranked Top Christian College in Massachusetts

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Assumption has been ranked first in the state of Massachusetts and 10th in the nation by in its 2019 rankings for the top Christian colleges and universities.

According to, when ranking the 50 Best Christian Colleges & Universities, the organization “examined and ranked undergraduate and graduate Christian schools in an effort to recognize the top 50 Christian schools in the country.” used a variety of factors, including U.S. Department of Education data, school features, and unique faith-based opportunities for students. The ranking organization also stated that “while most of the schools provide traditional degree programs, they also offer religion-based degrees in addition to religious clubs and organizations to help foster students’ spiritual growth.”

Assumption was recognized for its “quality education and outstanding student-centered service and ministry opportunities.”’s profile of Assumption states that “promoting a philosophy of education that aligns with classical and Christian ideals and values is a primary goal of Assumption” and that it “provides students with a well-rounded academic and campus living experience that includes a major focused on theology and the ability to foster spiritual, social and intellectual growth through its campus ministry.”

In addition to academic offerings, Assumption has a robust Campus Ministry program that encourages all members of the Assumption community to explore their faith life, to ask questions, and to be open to a variety of reflective and service opportunities during their years at Assumption. The institution offers a number of programming in three focused areas: Prayer & Worship, Service & Justice, and Spiritual Growth, all of which ways for students to develop a “life that matters.”

Providing students with an opportunity to serve those in the greatest of need and put their faith into action, Campus Ministry sponsors Service Immersion SEND trips during winter and spring breaks. On SEND trips, Assumption students volunteer throughout the country – and world – building homes, teachings classes, serving at homeless shelters and much more.

Assumption’s Reach Out Center connects students with local organizations throughout Worcester. Assumption students are regularly engaged with local nonprofits mentoring children, tutoring teenagers, leading recreational activities, visiting with Veterans, rehabilitating homes and much more.

Whether students are Catholic, of another faith tradition, or none at all, Campus Ministry has numerous ways for students to deepen their spiritual lives.