Jan 02, 2019
Dmitriy Ivanov

Assumption Faculty, Students Present at 58th Annual Meeting of New England Psychological Association

Assumption was well represented at the 58th annual meeting of the New England Psychological Association (NEPA), which was held at WPI on November 10. During the meeting, more than a dozen Assumption faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate psychology majors presented posters and papers, as well as participated in the symposium and panel discussions.

Following is a list of the 11 students and six faculty members who participated in the event:

  • William Nall, a former graduate fellow who completed his degree in 2018, presented “Substance abuse and mental health in college students: Perspectives from research, clinical practice, and students,” at the symposium part of the annual meeting.
  • Lexie Ford-Clottey, a second-year Clinical Counseling Psychology program graduate student who anticipates graduating in May 2019, participated in a panel discussion entitled, “Interested in graduate school? A panel discussion with graduate students.”
  • Matthew Collin, a graduate student in the Clinical Counseling Psychology program who will complete his degree in the fall of 2019; Lisa Mazzola, a 2018-19 graduate fellow in the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program; Nall; Jason Prior, a former graduate fellow and graduate of the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program; and Psychology Professor and NEPA President-Elect Leonard Doerfler, Ph.D., presented the paper “Association of anger with anxiety, depression, and alcohol-related problems in college students.”
  • Teresa DiTommaso, a former graduate fellow and Clinical Counseling Psychology program student who expects to finish her degree in spring 2019, and Assistant Professor of Psychology Alison Stoner, Ph.D., presented the poster, “Does being ‘gritty’ aid in adjustment to college?”
  • DiTommaso worked with Prof. Stoner to present the poster, “Grit in action: Exploring the interrelationships between grit and coping styles in college students.”
  • Alexandra Orlandi ’19, Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting and Business Studies Paul Piwko, and Assistant Professor of Psychology Adam Volungis, Ph.D., presented a poster entitled, “Toward the quantification & optimization of impact of museum exhibits on mental health.”
  • Joseph Malmborg ’19; Anthea Oikonomou, a student in the Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis program; Adriana Savage ’20; and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of Assumption’s Applied Behavior Analysis Programs Karen Lionello-DeNolf, Ph.D., presented the poster, “Fairness and inequity in cooperative tasks.”
  • Gabrielle Jasmin ’19 and Assistant Professor of Psychology Leamarie Gordon, Ph.D., presented the poster, “Impact of stress on cognitive functioning.”

According to NEPA, the organization is dedicated to the advancement of psychology as a science, as a profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare; hosts presentations by invited speakers, symposia, workshops, papers and posters at annual autumn meetings held in the six New England states, usually on a college campus; encourages students to enter the field of psychology, through its Honorary Undergraduate Fellow program and its co-sponsorship of Psi Chi and Psi Beta activities; and provides an opportunity at the Annual Meeting for officers of the psychological associations of the six New England states to meet and confer on current professional issues.