Graduate Programs

Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies! Assumption has a long history of offering master’s degrees and graduate-level certificates in the areas of human services, business, and the helping professions. Our graduates are highly sought-after professionals known for their rigorous academic preparation, adherence to high ethical standards, strong work ethic, and compassion. I am so proud of our alumni. They are positively impacting the lives of those with whom they work and generously contributing to the social fabric of the communities in which they live.

I invite you to explore our graduate programs. You’ll find ambitious programs of study, led by faculty who are experts and practitioners in their disciplines. The faculty integrate theory, research, and practice to foster the development of a high level of competence, cultural sensitivity, and integrity in our students. All programs of study include a practicum or internship to ensure the ability to apply theory to practice and to promote professional and personal growth in each student. Preparation for licensure or certification is integral to most of our programs. Personal attention from faculty allows each student to advance in his or her career with a sense of purpose true to his or her values and aspirations.

I look forward to welcoming you into our growing and diverse community of learners.

Kimberly Schandel, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies
Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry
508-767-7143 Kennedy Building - Room 209
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