A Leader Emerges

Mark San Clemente

Undergraduate Student

Graduation Year

Medway, Massachusetts

Academic Program
Human services and rehabilitation studies major with a minor in education

Activities & Interests
Student Government Association Senator; START Retreat Leader and Rector; Orientation Leader; SOPHIA (Sophomore Initiative at Assumption College) Participant

Active social life. Highly involved as a campus leader. If you told Mark San Clemente ’19 when he started at Assumption that these words would describe his experience, he wouldn’t have believed you. “I’ve always been a quiet person, but Assumption has transformed me,” Mark says. “I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone and done things I never would have done before.”

In fact, to his own surprise, Mark has become one of the most visible students on campus. Since his sophomore year, he’s held one life-changing leadership position after another, serving as a START retreat leader, START rector, orientation leader, and member of the Student Government Association (SGA). Now the SGA senate speaker, he runs meetings, oversees elections, and liaises with Assumption administrators, including the University president. 

At Assumption, it’s difficult not to get involved. There are so many opportunities on and off campus, and people here really care about you. I got so much encouragement from staff, faculty, and other students to try new things.

Something else important changed for Mark at Assumption, too: His career ambitions. He came to Assumption intending to major in education, but discovered a passion for human services. “I’ve always wanted to help people, and human services is the helping profession,” says Mark, who is considering a career as a paraprofessional, special education teacher, or school counselor.

Whatever direction he chooses, Mark is building the credentials to achieve it at Assumption. He’s currently completing a semester-long internship at a local elementary school as a classroom aide—which will give him 400 hours of professional experience to add to his resume. Previously, he built valuable skills in his field through two community service learning courses, including Teaching Students With Special Needs, which enabled him to work with nonverbal high school students and develop effective strategies for teaching diverse populations. “This was a huge step in my career path,” says Mark.

His time at Assumption has certainly been full of giant leaps. Says Mark, “I’ve taken risks and very challenging classes, and with everything I’ve done, I’ve received an incredible amount of support. I couldn’t see that happening at any other university.”

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