Becoming Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Kayley Millard

Undergraduate Student

Graduation Year

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Academic Program
International business and philosophy pre-business major with a minor in Spanish

Activities & Interests
Rome Campus Participant; SEND Service Immersion Trip Leader and Volunteer; Reach Out Center Service Director; Head Resident Assistant; Intern at the Office of the Worcester County District Attorney; Spanish National Honor’s Society Secretary; Philosophy National Honor’s Society Member; ALANA Network Member; Women’s Club Volleyball Team Member; Four-Time Intramural Sports Champion; Student Representative at the NASPA Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow (SALT) Conference

Passionate about diverse cultures and languages, Kayley Millard ’18 always planned to study abroad. What she didn’t plan for was a semester on Assumption’s very own Rome Campus that would significantly change her life. “My semester in Rome is one of the top things I did at Assumption that makes me who I am today,” says Kayley.

Kayley liked the Rome program’s sophomore year study abroad option, which enabled her to complete core classes and stay on track with her course requirements. And while she learned a lot from her coursework—including an independent study project on Epicurus that inspired her interest in philosophy—some of the most valuable lessons came from living like a Roman: ordering a cappuccino in between classes at cafés with her friends, navigating the Metro, and traveling with her art history classmates to renowned Roman sites such as Vatican City. “In Rome, I learned how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. I became more confident and adventurous, and I saw myself grow.”

Assumption truly enables you to grow as a whole person,” says Kayley. “You have all the resources you need to do everything that interests you.

That profound personal growth is partly what made Kayley feel confident the following year leading a SEND Service Immersion trip to Baltimore, Maryland, to help build homes for low-income families. In her four years at Assumption, Kayley participated in five SEND trips, which offered rich, fulfilling experiences in locations across and outside the country, including a Lakota reservation in North Dakota and Rostro de Cristo, Ecuador. These trips connected her with diverse communities, opened her eyes to different ways of living, and reinforced her commitment to giving back.

Kayley now feels at home in the world—and has found a home at Assumption. She’s currently enrolled in Assumption’s part-time MBA program while working as a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Activities, where she also worked during her senior year. That experience, along with her experience as a resident assistant, introduced her to the many possible career paths in higher education, a sector she plans to continue exploring.

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