Inspired to Change Lives

Gretchen Lynch

Undergraduate Student

Graduation Year

Sandwich, Massachusetts

Academic Program
Human services and rehabilitation studies major

Activities & Interests
Resident Assistant; Admission Ambassador; Orientation Leader; Co-founder of Greytones, Assumption's student-run a capella group; Horizon Retreat Leader; Intramurals Player (Kickball and Battleship)

For as long as she can remember, Gretchen Lynch ’19 wanted to be a teacher. But like so many Assumption students, once she got to campus and began taking the institution’s liberal arts courses, her mind expanded, her world broadened—and her ambitions shifted.

“Within the first 10 minutes of Introduction to Human Services, I was hooked,” Gretchen says. “I immediately knew I had found my life’s work.” Gretchen was inspired by the professional experience and passion of her professor, Sarai Rivera, Ph.D. And she was intrigued by the number of career options open to human services majors, from physical rehabilitation specialist to mental health counselor.

The liberal arts expose you to so many different topics and ideas. I discovered interests I had never considered before.

A self-described people person, Gretchen has always been motivated to help others, and at Assumption, she’s had countless opportunities to do just that. Remembering the anxiety she felt touring universities as a high school student, she became an Assumption admissions ambassador, providing a friendly face and welcoming spirit that puts prospective students at ease.

And, because she knew that the transition from high school to university can be difficult, she became an orientation leader, planning and running games and programs—from trivia to basketball knockout competitions—that have enabled incoming students to have fun, make friends, and get comfortable in their new environment.

Of the many roles she’s taken on at Assumption, however, Gretchen considers her experience working as a resident assistant (RA) the most important and impactful. “Being an RA is a 24/7 job, and students come to you for just about everything, whether they are looking for advice about choosing a major or for emotional support. You never know when or how you’re going to be needed.”

“I’m a different person after becoming an RA,” Gretchen continues, describing skills she developed that are crucial for success in her chosen profession, including how to keep a level head, listen with an open mind, practice empathy and patience, and quickly figure out the best way to deal with any situation.

The experiences I’ve had at Assumption made me realize that I have the power to make a true and lasting difference in others’ lives. That’s a lesson I’ll take with me throughout my career.

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