Worcester Red Sox Partnership

A unique partnership between the University and Worcester Red Sox provides engaging opportunities for our students.

Assumption University enjoys the special privilege of serving as one of the Worcester Red Sox's 21 Founding partners, a designation that provides countless opportunities for our students such as internships and scholarships as the University enhances its commitment to the redevelopment and revitalization of Worcester. The partnership is transforming the way in which institutions of higher learning across the country interact with and collaborate with professional sports organizations, in particular, minor league baseball.       

The partnership transcends baseball in that the University and the team are committed to serving and enhancing the Worcester community.

Polar Park Becomes the Classroom

Through this strategic partnership with the Worcester Red Sox, Polar Park becomes a classroom for Assumption students. Internships complement the Assumption's academic programs in business studies, data analytics, human services and rehabilitation studies, the communications track in English, and many more.

The ballpark and team are an extension of the institution's footprint and influence as it infuses the Assumption educational enterprise to downtown Worcester by utilizing the academic assets of the University to provide unique learning opportunities. 



George Lorin

Sport Management 2021
Coordinator of Marketing & Fan Engagement for The Worcester Red Sox

I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to represent people of color in the sports Industry!

To me, sports is about storytelling through athletic achievement. I want to provide this generation of fans with memories, and experiences that they can share for years to come that will never be forgotten. Assumption provided me with tools to make this a reality!

Alex Richardson

Criminology 2019
: Manager of Ballpark, Community, and Player Relations with the Worcester Red Sox

Assumption taught me the value of compassion and willingness to serve others in need.

This role allows me to utilize the sport of baseball as a vehicle to bring people together, and have a strong impact in the philanthropic community, which has always been a lifelong goal of mine.