Francis Bruce Prior, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Sociology and Criminology

508-767-7224 Kennedy Memorial Hall - Room 213

Degrees Earned

PhD in Sociology University of Pennsylvania: 2016
MA in Sociology University of Pennsylvania 2011
BA in Philosophy Villanova University 2009

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Criminology Internship I & II
Deviant Behavior
Principles of Sociology
Social Problems
Sociology of Punishment
Sociology of Urban Life

Publications & Editorships

2021 "Urban Neoliberal Debt Peonage: Prisoner Reentry, Work, and the New Jim Crow." Social Currents. Online First Feb 5.

2020. “Security Culture: Surveillance and Responsibilization in a Prisoner Reentry Organization.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 49(3).

2017. Book Review. “From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Making of Mass Incarceration in America.” Contemporary Sociology 46(5).

2014. “Quality Controlled: An Ethnographic Account of Tea Party Messaging and Action.” Sociological Forum 29(2)


Roundtable at American Sociological Association 2021: Struggling to Make Good: The Dilemmas of Fatherhood for Low-Income Formerly Incarcerated African American Men

Roundtable at American Sociological Association 2018: “Downward Occupational Mobility: Collateral consequences of a criminal Record in Working Class Service Sector Employment”

Panel at Society for the Study of Social Problems 2018: “Prisoner Reentry as a Pathway to Deskilled Service Work Among Men with Working Class Human Capital”

Panel at Incarcerating Women and Girls 2018: “Interviews with Formerly Incarcerated Women”

Panel at Eastern Sociological Society 2018: “Redemption, Responsibilization, and Surveillance: Prisoner Reentry in a State-Run Street Level Bureaucracy”

Roundtable at American Society of Criminology 2015: “Prisoner Reentry: The Myth of Public Safety, Employment, and Legitimating Urban Governance” 

Roundtable at American Sociological Association 2015: “New American Populism: Tea Party and Occupy in Ethnographic and Rhetorical Comparison," with Shantee Rosado. 

Roundtable at American Sociological Association 2015: “Cohesion of Security, Surveillance, and Service Provision in a Prisoner Reentry Organization.” 

Presentation at Penn Urban Ethnography Workshop 2015: “Afterward: Service Provision Post-Release and the Mark of a Criminal Record.” 

Panel at American Anthropological Association 2014: Prisoner Reentry: An Ethnographic Account of Service Provision and Social Insecurity.” 

Panel at Mid-Atlantic Law and Society 2014: “Teaching the Sociology of Punishment at Elite Universities.” 

Panel at Eastern Sociological Society 2014: “New American Populism: The Tea Party Movement and Occupy in Comparison,” with Shantee Rosado. 

Roundtable at American Sociological Association 2012: “The Tea Party Movement: Struggles in Frame Vulnerability and Micromobilization.” 

Panel at Eastern Sociological Society 2011: “The Tea Party Movement: Frames and Micromobilization.” 

Poster Session at Eastern Sociological Society 2008: “The Effect of Progressive Politics on Unionization Rates.”

Grants and Awards

Faculty Development Grant: Curriculum Development for Sociology of Punishment 

Graduate Student Fellowship: 2009-2014.

Critical Writing Graduate Teaching Fellowship: 2014-2015.

Professional Service

Faculty Development Committee Fall 2017-Spring 2019

Faculty Senate Fall 2017, Spring 2019, Spring 2020; Secretary for Faculty Senate: Fall 2020, Fall 2021

SCOGE Committee 2019-present

Commencement Committee Spring 2020-present

Student Case manager COVID-19 Fall 2020, Spring 2021

Session on Racial Microaggressions: Student Orientation Fall 2017

Referee for Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 2021

Referee for Sociological Forum 2014-2018

Referee for Social Movement Studies 2017-2018

Referee for Social Problems 2019

Reviewer for Contemporary Sociology 2016-2017