Nov 14, 2019
Dmitriy Ivanov

Students Inducted into Assumption’s Academic Honors Program

The Assumption Honors Program inducted 68 new members on Sunday, November 10, before an audience of administrators, faculty, and families.

The Honors Program, a specialized academic option for high-achieving students of all academic majors, provides an interdisciplinary education designed to prepare future leaders for successful careers and lives of meaning. The Honors community fulfills students’ desire to seek a challenging and holistic educational experience, as well as those looking for social engagement with like-minded classmates. Honors students have exclusive access to a fully equipped lounge with areas for study and collaboration, a computer lab and more in the state-of-the-art Tsotsis Family Academic Center. Summer fellowships are also available for Honors students in which they collaborate with professors, as well as travel scholarships for Assumption-sponsored experiences. 

“Assumption’s Honors Program is comprised of a select group of students who not only pursue, but have achieved, academic excellence in their course of study,” said Elizabeth Colby Davie, Ph.D., director of the Honors Program and associate professor of chemistry. “While engaging in this rigorous course of study, Honors students demonstrate exemplary leadership skills and are passionate about using their intellectual gifts to advance their own pursuit of knowledge as they prepare to embark upon careers of meaning as they make contributions to improving society.” 

Qualified high school seniors, students who have excelled in their first semester at Assumption, as well as transfer students are invited to apply for the Honors Program. Honors Program students must maintain a 3.25 grade point average (GPA) in Honors courses, and a 3.25 GPA across all courses.


Students inducted into the Honors Program:

Class of 2022

Sara Hey

Elizabeth Letizio

Hannah Paszczuk

Class of 2023

Andrew Acluche

Allison Barclay

Emily Beaumier

Kyra Belden

Andrew Brooks

Abigail Burke

Magalin Carroll

Abbey Cashman

Lauren Cavanaugh

Brandon Cheng

Jack Choate

Lauryn Coelho

Angelina Davis

Courtney Deslauriers

Dhmitri Disho

Julie Dwyer

Rylee Ferguson

Adelaide Ferrick

Jill Finn

McKenna Gagnon

Maria Gaughan

Kasey Goggins

Jack Grafton

Teresa Guerra

Ashleigh Hughes

Mitchel Hurley

Sarah Iacoviello

Craig Jackson

Bella Jacobs

Sebastien Joseph

Kelly Knutelski

Joel Kosovrasti

Emily Lafond

Richard Lajoie

Isabel Lawson

Brian Leger

Gabriella Lindhurst

Li MacQuarrie

Morgan Maddock

Igor Mafra Felipe

Emma Marino

Julia Martin

Abraham Mbokar

Matthew McNaughton

Sean Morrissey

Phoebe Moulin

Erin Moynihan

Anna Mullen

Timothy Murphy

Varun Nathan

Patrick Otto

Antonio Petrarca 

Wandzia Prytko

Noah Rawson

Thomas Ross

Kelsey Savoy

Leah Scontras

Jacob Scott

Giovanna Sgalia

Ashley Slubowski

Abbigail Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan

Erin Tague

Deyana Underwood

Emma Wilburn