Mar 20, 2020
Dmitriy Ivanov

Prof. Albert Discusses Assumption’s Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Program

Assumption Professor Raymond Albert, Ph.D., professor of practice and director of the University’s cybersecurity program, was recently interviewed by Cybersecurity Guide about the robust and exciting future of the cybersecurity industry.

During the interview, Prof. Albert shared how Assumption’s program is preparing students for the increasing need for professionals who can help thwart cybercrimes.

“The rate of technological advancement, particularly in our country, has exceeded society’s ability to fully comprehend its ramifications, establish new norms, and appropriately adjust societal support mechanisms including governance and law. Until such time when these issues are adequately addressed, we are living in the rough and tumble ‘wild west’ era of cybersecurity,” he said. “Assumption’s cybersecurity program endeavors to educate the next generation of leaders and architects in cybersecurity, who possess technical expertise and practical training to help secure, develop, and sustain the cyberspace ecosystem.”

He added that students enrolled in Assumption’s Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity are encouraged and supported in their preparation and participation in national cybersecurity conferences, competitions, internships, and community service/outreach. Prof. Albert also shared that Assumption students are engaged in educational outreach to K-12 populations—including cybersecurity competitions for high school students—and federally-funded research opportunities are being explored to support greater efforts in this direction.

In an effort to enhance the cybersecurity program, Assumption recently joined the National Cybersecurity Training and Education (NCyTE) Center, a premier cybersecurity center that provides resources for students and faculty to supplement the cybersecurity curriculum and expand the content to promote a multidisciplinary approach.