Aug 24, 2022

High School Seniors Receive Early Acceptance from Assumption University

For the first time in Assumption University history and in adherence to the institution’s commitment to bolster enrollment strategies as a part of the University’s strategic plan, Assumption University hosted a same-day admission event for high school seniors entitled Fast Track to the Pack on August 18.  

The quantity of registered attendees exceeded the University’s expectations and the extraordinarily successful day concluded with the acceptance of prospective students attending the event following the review of application materials by the Assumption admissions team.

Prospective students in high school, now admitted to the University, were given the opportunity to receive a college acceptance letter in hand before the start of senior year. 

Annabelle Joyce, a senior at Wachusett Regional High school and admitted student at Assumption University for the Class of 2027, said that having received this acceptance makes the college search process a lot less stressful. 

“We’re attempting to remove a lot of the bureaucracy and student and parent stress from the admissions process. Our approach has much more of a human touch,” says Bill Boffi, Vice President for Enrollment Management. 

To be considered, prospective students were required to register for the event and complete the Common Application, an undergraduate college admissions application utilized by colleges and universities nationally and internationally.  

The event consisted of a welcome and speeches from administrators and faculty. Addressing prospective students and their families, Interim President Greg Weiner, Ph. D. explained that an Assumption education and the life-long skills, virtues, and experience gained is “immediately rewarding and enduringly relevant.” 

The day continued with a financial aid information session and panel of campus partners for parents as well as student interviews with admissions staff and breakout sessions with group building activities.

During the breakout sessions, students participated in an ice breaker challenge and a leadership program “in which they were challenged to get outside of their comfort zone and think about themselves in their current leadership roles, as well as what they’d like to become when attending college,” according to George Kuntz, Assistant Director of Admissions.

The ice breaker was a Lego challenge. Each student picked up five Lego pieces to build something. Once that structure was built, the student turned to a partner and together they created a 10-piece structure. The structure continued to grow as teams continued the process until the entire group of students made one structure. The students used their own pieces and collaboratively worked together to build something bigger and more whole.

“The majority of students didn’t know each other, but gradually they were introduced to new people, and began to learn more about these strangers who eventually turned into acquaintances, and some even felt they were on the road to become friends,” said Mr. Kuntz, acknowledging that some exchanged contact information to keep in touch.

By the end of the breakout session “you could hear the laughing, conversations, and overall excited feeling enter the room, as well as the minds of our newly accepted future Greyhounds,” he continued. “Overall, it was an exciting day!”

Dinner was provided by some of the city’s favorite food trucks. Following dinner, it was “decision time”. With blue and white confetti filling the air, Mr. Boffi announced the acceptance of students attending the event. The announcement sparked excited cheers, picture taking, and even some tears of joy.

The success of the day set the stage for more Fast Track to the Pack events in the future at Assumption University. Students are not required to accept the invitation to join the Greyhound “pack” until May 1, 2023.