Assumption University Rome Program Application

Applications will be considered complete and ready for review when the following documents have been submitted by the deadline. Students are responsible for making sure all materials, even those arriving from others, are in on time. Applications are reviewed after the deadline of April 15 (fall semester), October 15 (Spring semester), and the advertised summer application deadline, usually around March 15. A $650.00 refundable deposit is required two weeks after acceptance. Please note that a conduct check will be done on all Rome Program applicants.
  • This application, completed and signed by the applicant, or if a minor, parent or guardian;
  • 500-word essay;
  • Faculty Letter of Recommendation, to be sent by the recommender directly to Maison 202. (Fall and Spring only, not required for Summer.);
  • Photocopy of your signed passport, showing an expiration date six months after last day of the program.
Personal Information
Emergency Contact, if different from above
I have reviewed the courses on offer in Rome for the term I intend to study there, and I have consulted with my academic advisor to confirm that a study in Rome will not delay or prevent my degree completion. 
Housing Preference
Housing Preference
Wellness In Rome
Do you have any special dietary needs?
Do you have any allergies or chronic ailments of which our Program Director should be aware?
Are you presently under treatment for any emotional matters?
Are you presently taking any prescription drugs on a regular basis?
Are you interested in a partially-subsidized gym (palestra) membership in Rome?
Terms of Participation
Students must sign the application agreeing that this will comprise the agreement between Assumption College Rome Program and its students and parents/guardians.
I agree to fulfill all financial and academic obligations incurred while participating in the Assumption Rome program, and I understand that failure to do so may affect my education abroad status and/or my status at Assumption College. I further understand and agree to the following conditions:

1. ADMISSION. I shall qualify for admission to the program by satisfying all educational requirements, including, but not limited to, payment of applicable tuition and fees.

2. RELEASE OF INFORMATION. I give permission to Assumption College to obtain and release information to my home institution or third party agency as is appropriate to my application and participation in an abroad program including: letters of recommendation, permanent academic, medical, and disciplinary records, and other similar records for the purposes of placement, participation, continuation or termination.

3. ELIGIBILITY AND ACADEMIC PROGRESS. I understand that my participation in Assumption College’s Rome Program is contingent on my maintaining all eligibility requirements prior to and during the period of the program. If eligibility is not maintained, Assumption College may terminate my participation in the program. I will enroll in the required number of credit hours and remain in good academic standing while participating in the program. I understand that failure to do so may jeopardize my participation as well as my academic record at Assumption College. I understand that course pre-requisites required by Assumption College must be met and that course registration is based on availability of offerings and cannot be guaranteed.

4. PERSONAL CONDUCT. I understand that Assumption College’s Honor Code and Student Academic Honest Policy are in effect at the Rome campus, and all home AC rules, regulations and policies apply, both academic and social. I understand that Assumption College has the right to withdraw a student from a program at any time because of violation of such rules, disruptive behavior, academic reasons, or for conduct that could bring the College into disrepute or legal jeopardy. Such decisions will be final and no refund will be made. I will not hold the College liable for any claims incurred by reason of failure or refusal to conform to the requirements. 

5. PROGRAM CHANGES. I understand and agree that any information about a particular program provided by Assumption College, while based on Assumption College’s best information and belief, is descriptive only. Assumption College reserves the right to make changes in any published itinerary whenever, in Assumption College’s judgment, conditions warrant, or if Assumption College deems it necessary for the comfort, convenience or safety of participants. 

6. TRAVEL. I understand that I will be traveling during the program by various modes of transportation including, but not limited to, plane, train, bus or van. I release Assumption College, its employees, agents, trustees, and staff from any loss of property, injury or death during such travel. 

7. MEDICAL TREATMENT. I agree that I am responsible for any medical treatment of any nature that I may require and I agree to accept all financial responsibility for such treatment. 

8. INSURANCE COVERAGE. I understand that I am required to maintain adequate health, accident, disability, hospitalization, and travel insurance during the enrollment period and must provide documentation of insurance, which includes evacuation and repatriation coverage, to Assumption College prior to departure. I am responsible for filing and negotiating all insurance claims directly with my insurance company or companies. 

9. RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION OF CLAIMS. In consideration for permitting me to participate in the above activity, I agree to release on behalf of myself, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, and assigns; Assumption College, its trustees, officers, agents and/or employees from any cause of action, claim(s) or demand(s) of any nature whatsoever which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, and assigns may now have, or have in the future against Assumption College, its trustees, officers, agents and/or employees (except to the extent the College is negligent) on account of personal injury(s), property damage, death, or accident of any kind, arising out of or in any way related to my participation in the above activity, whether participation is supervised or unsupervised. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Assumption College, its trustees, officers, agents and/or employees from any and all causes of action, claims, demands, losses or costs of any nature whatsoever (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees and other litigation costs and expenses) arising out of my participation in the above activity. 

10. LEGAL REPSONSIBILITIES. I understand that I must comply with the laws and appropriate cultural conduct of the countries I am visiting. I agree to conduct myself in a manner that will comply with the honor code of Assumption College. If I experience legal problems with any foreign nationals or governments, I will attend to the matter personally with my own personal funds. Assumption College does not guarantee what, if any, assistance it can provide under such circumstances. 

11. TUITION, FEES, AND REFUNDS. I will pay all required tuition, fees, travel, housing, and meals charges as required and I understand that all program expenses and financial obligations are my responsibility. I understand that no refunds for program charges will be made after departure. Withdrawal, departure or dismissal from any program prior to its formal completion will result in forfeiting any deposit(s) and will require that I pay all costs incurred. I understand and agree that if I withdraw, depart or am dismissed after the program begins, I will not be eligible for any academic credits associated and may face disciplinary action from Assumption College. 

12. RESPONSIBILITY DURING FREE TIME. I understand that during free time within the period of the program or before the period of the program I may elect to travel independently at my own expense. If I choose to travel after the completion of the program, I understand that any obligations of Assumption College shall cease. If I choose to travel prior to or during the program period, I agree to inform Assumption College of my travel plans and understand that Assumption College is not responsible for me during non-program related travel. I understand that any risky activity or travel in which I choose to become involved outside of the program will be at my own expense and risk. While Assumption College employees may provide participants with information regarding extra- curricular activities or travel, in no way does this represent an Assumption College endorsement of those activities or destinations. 

13. FAMILY INVOLVEMENT. I understand that it is my responsibility, to provide my parents/guardians/significant others with important information about my involvement and/or travel. I give permission to Assumption College to share information with my parents or guardians as necessary for my health and safety in the sole judgment and discretion of Assumption College.

14. USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS OR WRITTEN REPORTS: I authorize and agree to the reasonable use by Assumption College of any photographs that may be taken of any aspect of the program and may include my image, as well as any written comments or reports submitted to Assumption College by me. 

15. CHOICE OF LAW. The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall govern the validity of this Agreement, the construction of its terms and the interpretation of the rights and duties of the parties hereto. 

Rome Program Essay
Upload a 500-word essay to this application describing what has prepared you for this experience, what makes you a good candidate for it, and your academic, intellectual, cultural, and personal goals. Make sure your name is on it in the upper right hand corner, sign it, and submit it with your application and forms.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt rtf pdf doc docx odt ppt pptx odp xls xlsx ods.
Rome Program Faculty Letter of Recommendation (Fall and Spring only)
Approach a professor who knows you well and ask him or her to write a letter of recommendation for you, being sure leave plenty of time to do so. (Two weeks at the minimum.) This could be your academic advisor, your Italian professor, if you took Italian, or simply someone whose course you especially enjoyed. Request that your recommender send your letter directly to Eloise Knowlton, Ph.D. La Maison Hall 202, Assumption College, 500 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01609 Phone: 508.767.7486, Fax: 508.767.7082, Email: The letter should address your abilities as a student, your level of maturity and responsibility, and your sense of community spirit.
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