Stefanie R. Haynes, DHS, MSN, RN, FNP-C, CNEcl

Assistant Professor of Practice and Department Chair

508-767-8026 Health Sciences Building - Room 204D

Degrees Earned

Doctorate in Health Sciences
MCPHS University, Boston, MA

Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner
MCPHS University, Manchester, NH

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.


2021 Gruenglas, J., Abimbola, O., Asogha-Shemlon, C., Bell, A., Bishop, D., Castronova, S., Chon, T., Dillon, K., Shirley Elee, L., Graham, C., Hamacher, E., Haynes, S., Jones, S., Kasai, D., Levitt, K., Martino, L., Massey, C., Ntori, M., Senneville, E., Taylor, S., Welk, Z., & Ewing, H. (2021). Crossdisciplinary narratives on COVID-19: Local perspectives from global health science graduate students. International Journal of Nursing and Health Care Research, 4(2).

2017 Haynes S., Hickson E., Linden J., St.Pierre, P., Ducharme, P., Sulmasy, P., Welch, L., Zhao, Y., Greene, M. Vauthrin, M. & Weinstein, R. (2017). Dietary citrate and plasma ionized calcium: Implications for platelet donors. Journal of Clinical Apheresis, 33(3), 222-225.

2017 Weinstein, R., Haynes, S., Zhao, Y., Hickson, E., Linden, J., St.Pierre, P., Ducharme, P., Sulmasy, P., Graves, M., Bailey, J.A., Welch, L., Simard, A., Vauthrin, M. & Greene, M. (2017). A liquid calcium + vitamin D3 supplement is effective prophylaxis against hypocalcemic toxicity during apheresis platelet donation. Journal of Clinical Apheresis, 33(1), 60-64. 

2017 Zhao, Y., Ibrahim, H., Bailey, J. A., Linden, J., Hickson, E., Haynes, S., Greene, M., Vauthrin, M. and Weinstein, R. (2017), Therapeutic plasma exchange performed in tandem with hemodialysis without supplemental calcium in the apheresis circuit. Journal of Clinical Apheresis, 32(3), 154–157.

2016 Galera, P., Haynes, S., Sulmasy, P., Bailey, J. A., Greene, M., Vauthrin, M., Brettler, D., Liebmann, J., Mark Madison, J. and Weinstein, R. (2016), Physiological measurements corroborate symptomatic improvement after therapeutic leukapheresis in a pregnant woman with chronic myelogenous leukemia. Journal of Clinical Apheresis, 31, 393–397.


2022 Recommended for promotion to Associate Professor rank by the MCPHS University Promotion Review committee

2017 MCPHS University SON ‘Shout Out”’ Award for Outstanding New Faculty

2015 MCPHS University White Coat Award
• Awarded to the graduating MSN student who has demonstrated a high degree of compassion and has helped the physical, mental, or emotional pains of another

2013-2015 MCPHS MSN-FNP Class of 2015 Class Representative