Lance G. Lazar, Ph.D

Associate Professor of History

Director, Medieval & Early Modern Studies

508-767-7054 Founders Hall - Room 105

Degrees Earned

B.A., Dartmouth College; Philosophy and History, 1986
M.A., Harvard University; History, 1990
Ph.D., Harvard University; History, 1998
Ph.D. Thesis Title: “Bringing God to the People: Jesuit Confraternities in Italy in the mid-Sixteenth Century”

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Western Civilization
The West and the World
Renaissance Europe
European Reformations
Baroque Europe
Early Modern Europe
Women and Mysticism
The Golden Age of the Low Countries
The Renaissance in Venice
Humanism and the Rebirth of Antiquity
The Age of Discovery

Publications & Editorships

Working in the Vineyard of the Lord: Jesuit Confraternities in Early Modern Italy (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005). pp. xv, 377. ISBN: 0-8020-8854-6. Awarded the Howard R. Marraro prize for Italian History by the American Catholic Historical Association, January 2007. Link:

Associate editor with Karin Finsterbusch, Armin Lange and K. F. Diethard Römheld, eds., Human Sacrifice in Jewish and Christian Tradition (Leiden: Brill, 2006). pp. xii, 365. ISBN 90-04-15085-4.

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“Belief, Devotion, and Memory in Early Modern Italian Confraternities,” Confraternitas, 15.1 (Spring, 2004): 3-33. (Refereed)