Jennifer Niece, CPA, MBA

Lecturer, MBA and Undergraduate Business Programs

508-767-7245 Tsotsis Family Academic Center - Room 326

Degrees Earned

B.A., College of the Holy Cross; Economics and Accounting, 1994
M.B.A., Boston College Carroll Graduate School of Management, 1998; Certified Public Accountant, 1998 (Massachusetts).

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Principles of Accounting I
Principles of Accounting II
Cost Accounting
Accounting Information Systems
Community Tax Assistance

Publications & Editorships

“Cisco’s First Glitch” (case & teaching notes), Journal of Business Research, Vol. 58, 2005.

“Public Accounting and the Government, 1896-1996: 100 Years of Controversy and Compromise” with G. Trompeter, MBAA Annual Conference, March 2005.

“Documenting Abilities and Achievements: The Use of Professional Portfolios for Accounting Students and Young Accounting Professionals” with C. Amantea, Journal Of College Teaching And Learning, May 2004.

“The Demise of Arthur Andersen’s One-Firm Concept: A Case Study in Corporate Governance” with G. Trompeter, Business & Society Review, Summer 2004.


“The Nature of Accounting Regulation” with R. McGowan and G. Trompeter Northeast Business & Economics Association annual conference, Worcester, MA November 2009 

“Competition in the Accounting Profession: Self-Regulation, Government Regulation and the Public Interest” with G. Trompeter North American Accounting Society annual conference, Chicago, IL March 2006 

“Where Did Andersen’s Clients Go? A Study of Fee-Discounts, Premia, and Succesor Auditors” with W. Harrison and G. Trompeter, North American Accounting Society annual meeting in Chicago, IL, March 2004. 

“Arthur Andersen’s One-Firm Concept” with G. Trompeter, Academy of Accounting Historians annual meeting in Denton, TX, November 2003

Grants and Awards

Faculty Development Grant, Assumption College, 2003-2004. 2006-2007. 2009-2010.

Special Development Grant to create an Accelerated MBA Program, Assumption College, 2013.