A Leap of Faith

Corey Soper

Undergraduate Student

Graduation Year

Escondido, California

Academic Program
Theology major with a minor in mathematics

Activities & Interests
Admissions Ambassador; Campus Ministry Council Member; Co-leader of Christian Initiative; Co-leader of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; Theology Club President; Vice President of Advocates for Life; Theology and Math Tutor in the Academic Support Center; Intramural Sports Player (Basketball, Volleyball, Battleship)

Corey Soper ’20 describes his university experience as one of being constantly opened up—to new opportunities, new people, new perspectives.

One of the most powerful experiences he’s had at Assumption—one that changed the course of his life—was his participation in a START retreat in the spring of his freshman year. “In just 24 hours, I became more open and confident than I’d ever been,” he says. “I walked away from that retreat having deepened my faith and connected with people who would become incredible friends.”

Following the retreat, Corey felt inspired to purse leadership positions within Campus Ministry, taking on roles that eventually brought him to a crucial realization: that a career related to his Christian faith would make him happier than anything else he might do. Corey now has his sights set on working in a campus ministry department or in a parish—with the ultimate goal of becoming a Christian speaker.

Math helps me see problems logically, while theology has given me a deeper understanding of myself—and a richer, fuller understanding of the world.

The resume he’s built at Assumption ensures he’s well on his way to achieving his dreams. Among other activities within Campus Ministry, Corey is a member of the Campus Ministry Council, which assists in the implementation all of the department’s programs, from Candlelight Prayer to Bible Study. He’s also co-leader of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as well as co-leader of Christian Initiation, which prepares those who haven’t been baptized or received first communion or confirmation to be welcomed by the Catholic Church.

Corey’s major/minor blend may seem odd to anyone who doesn’t know him—he’s a theology major minoring in mathematics—but he enjoys switching between left- and right-brain thinking. “In math, you can always find a right answer. I love that,” says Corey. “And in theology, there’s a right answer, but you can’t get to it in just a few steps. I love that, too. Math helps me see problems logically, while theology has given me a deeper understanding of myself—and a richer, fuller understanding of the world.”

“I took a giant leap of faith in choosing to pursue my passions,” Corey continues. “But Assumption helped me realize that if I don’t love what I do, I won’t love my life.”

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