Health Services


Licensed, certified nurse practitioners and registered nurses assess and treat students, and offer an array of medical services in collaboration with a consulting physician. Referrals to physicians or other community health care providers and specialists are arranged when necessary or at the request of the student. Health education is provided by a certified health education specialist and PAWS (a student peer education program).

Routine visits to SHS are free for full-time undergraduate students. Additional costs for certain services may apply, and are charged to the student’s health insurance. Services that are generally charged to your insurance include:

  • Pharmacy prescriptions
  • Lab services
  • X-ray and radiology services

Make An Appointment

Visits to SHS are by appointment. Most appointments can be arranged within one business day. Please call 508-767-7329 to schedule.


All consultations and medical records are kept completely confidential. According to privacy law, no information will be discussed with or released to anyone (including parents and professors) without the student's written consent. Medical records and academic records are not connected in any way.

Students must complete the Authorization to Disclose Health Information form in order to allow Student Health Services to disclose their health information to an individual of the student's choosing.

Review our Privacy Practices here.