First-Year Student Information

Congratulations on joining the Assumption College community! We look forward to welcoming you to campus on Friday, August 24, 2018, to begin your college career. We know you will have plenty of questions about what needs to be done, what will happen in the fall and who to contact. The following pages contain much of the information you will need, along with contact information if you have additional questions. At any time, please do not hesitate to send an email to and indicate “Parent/Guardian – 2022” or “Student – 2022” in the subject line with any questions you may have. Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate department and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for choosing Assumption College! We look forward to the many contributions you will make not only to the College community, but to society, upon graduation. It is here, that you will learn to “Light the way” for others to follow.