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The Newsletter of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library
Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts USA

Vol. 4 (1)
Spring 2000



 Emmanuel d'Alzon
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Sponsor: Assumption College
editor: Carol Maksian

Dawn Thistle, Director
Andrew Clark, Carol Maksian,
Liz McDermott, Larry Spongberg
Shauna Sutherland, Kimberly West





Our Saturday hours have changed to 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. These hours were changed in response to requests to open the library earlier on Saturdays and to our experience of low usage from 5 to 7 P.M., when most people prefer to focus on dinner.

Once the good spring weather returns, you will be able to take care of library business in the morning before enjoying outdoor activities during the afternoon and early evening. Our hope is that the morning hours will be especially useful to our evening students who have daytime jobs or other commitments during the week.

Andrew Clark, our Weekend Supervisor, is eager to serve your library needs. Come in on Saturday morning to see if the new schedule makes the rest of your weekend planning easier. As always, we are interested in your feedback concerning this change.


 Library Online Resources Seminar

On April 13th the Library Reference Staff will be giving a presentation on Library Online Resources in Founders 30 from 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.. This is part of a series of Spring Training "Web Tours" Sessions being given by Computer Services. Find out how you can save time and frustration when using the Internet and learn how to use the Library's Online Resources effectively. If you would like to attend this seminar, please contact the Library Reference Office @ 767-7273 or Ron Bishop at 767-7544.






On April 6th at 4:00 p.m., the Library will be hosting a reception to celebrate the Fortin Collection. The library recently received a donation of approximately 3,000 volumes from the library of Ernest L. Fortin, A.A. Fr. Fortin, a member of the faculty at Boston College since 1971, is an authority in the area of political philosophy and classical Christianity. Featured speakers will be Dr. Brian Benestad and Dr. Marc LePain. Everyone is invited to attend.

A list of newly cataloged books from Fr. Fortin's collection will be listed each month on the "New Books" page. This page is found under News and Information on the Library's homepage. You will also be able to get a complete listing of available books by searching for "Ernest L. Fortin" under Series Alphabetical in the Library's catalog. An inventory list of the whole collection is available at: http://www.assumption.edu/dept/Library/FortIn/fortin.html



 Introducing the new and improved
Faculty Publications Web Page!

The listing of faculty publications is now organized alphabetically and also by department. If you find any omissions, errors or have any additions you would like us to make to your list of publications, please notify Dawn Thistle. E-mail submissions with or without attachments are preferred and will be added as soon as possible.




 A Squirrelly Issue
By Andrew Clark

The Emmanuel D'Alzon library has been faithfully serving patrons since a year that I am too lazy to look up. However, in the past these patrons have always been human. This fails to recognize a significant demographic of the Assumption population. You guessed it: I'm talking about giraffes.

Unfortunately, giraffes have nothing to do with the events that occurred the weekend of Feb. 26. An adventurous squirrel made his way into the library sometime that Friday evening and steadfastly refused to leave. Having a brain several times larger than the average squirrel, I figured it wouldn't be that much trouble to herd Gus (the squirrel's new name) toward an open door. After all, I was sure the squirrel would want to escape, would want to be free in the fresh and green outdoors, where it could be promptly be eaten by the bear that was seen around the library a few months back.

But nooooooo, this was a squirrel that prized reading and learning, and would not leave even when clearly being herded toward numerous escape routes. An on-call maintenance person, and his son and daughter reported to my office after a call to Public Safety.
"You the one with the squirrel problem?" he said, quite businesslike.
"Yes, sir," I mumbled meekly.

Well, Gus had a fine old time with the four of us. We trapped Gus on the 2nd floor and tried to get him into the fire escape. But Gus knew exactly what we were planning and could be heard laughing in a tiny high pitched squeak as he jumped from bookshelf to bookshelf, evading our every move at the last second. I personally came the closest to nabbing Gus with a trash bin but missed him by 1 1/2 inches.

Other possibilities for catching Gus were suggested and then quickly shot down. We didn't have a squirrel call, he wasn't hungry enough at the time to go for food lures, and a discharge of firearms would have been too loud for the library. So Gus remained an overnight guest at the D'Alzon Inn.

In the absence of real squirrel food, we discovered a journal that Gus chewed through to sustain himself. Mmmmm, paper. That's good stuff. The trail of half-devoured books led to the 3rd floor, where the final insult was discovered: Gus had dined on a copy of Larry Spongberg's Enjoying My Shelf.
"That does it," I said out loud to nobody in particular. "Gus has gone too far." (Fortunately we were able to replace the book; Larry says that's why he "squirreled away" an extra copy….)

The following day, Gus, noticeably weakened, wasn't running around so fast. Academic Support happened to have some animal crackers that they used as bait near a 2nd floor window. I was lucky enough to be nearby as Gus dramatically approached the crackers suspiciously, sniffing, looked at the open window, and sloooowwwllllyyy exited the library. We slammed the windows shut, and the crisis was over.

I can only imagine what Gus is telling the other squirrels about us at the squirrel bar, or wherever they go to relax. Those stupid humans! Ha ha! Well, I hope Gus enjoyed his stay, because I'm going to find his house, or tree, or whatever, and make myself at home there. Let him try and get me out! I'll show him!



Using d'Alzon Library Services from Off-Campus

Do you know that it is possible to use many d'Alzon Library Services from off-campus? Off- campus access can be useful for resident students that are home on vacation and for non-resident students. Such access is vital for our distance learners who take courses at locations beyond the Assumption Campus.

To take full advantage of remote access, you need to be registered in the database as a library user, since our licensing agreements limit access to members of the Assumption community. If you are unsure of your status, you can call (508) 767-7271 for more information. Registered students may obtain needed passwords by calling the reference staff at (508) 767-7273.

For more information, visit our Remote Access website at http://www.assumption.edu/dept/Library/remote.html. Try our remote access services during those times when on campus visits are not feasible. Please alert us to any problems and feel free to make suggestions that would help us improve these new services.




 CLASS of 2000
Thank you and Best Wishes!

One of our most valuable assets here at the library is our excellent group of work-study assistants. Our students are usually the first ones to greet you as you walk through the door, and they perform a wide variety of roles in helping the library to provide efficient and friendly service.

We have been very fortunate to employ the following students from the Class of 2000: Joe Beauchaine, Eileen Cusack, Adria Guimond, Paula Higgins, Erin McDonough, Anne Mingolelli, and Chris Nicoletti. We want to thank them for their years of dependable service and wish them wonderful things for the future.



Subject Liaisons

If you would like to suggest that the library order materials in a particular subject area, please contact the following individuals.

While we are continually updating our electronic resources, we spend a substantial amount of the Library's budget on printed materials and videos and will continue to do so.






 Subject Area Subject Liaisons
 Business Studies Paul Johnson: 767-7271
 Communications Shauna Sutherland: 767-7271
 Computer Science Kim West: 767-7273
 Continuing Ed. Janice Wilbur: 767-7136
Liz McDermott: 767-7384
 Economics, Foreign Affairs
& Geography
Kim West: 767-7273
 Education Carol Maksian: 767-7273
 English Julie O'Shea: 767-7137
 Fine Arts Nina Tsantinis: 767-7076
Shauna Sutherland: 767-7271
 Foreign Languages Larry Spongberg: 767-7273
 History Julie O'Shea: 767-7137
 Mathematics Kim West: 767-7273
 Music Dawn Thistle: 767-7272
 Philosophy Nina Tsantinis: 767-7076
 Politics Larry Spongberg: 767-7273
 Psychology Liz McDermott: 767-7384
 Science Carol Barnitt : 767-7201
 Social Rehabilitation Carol Maksian: 767-7273
 Sociology Kim West: 767-7273
 Theatre Andrew Clark: 767-7271
 Theology Nina Tsantinis: 767-7076
 Women's Studies Janice Wilbur : 767-7136



 Web Sites to Check Out!

FISONLINE is a new business database accessible from Library's Databases & Indexes web page, contains access to U.S. public company information on more than 10,000 companies (including EDGAR® (SEC )filings). Also available is, Company Data, International Company Data, and Global Company Data blended into an expansive database containing information on over 25,000 companies worldwide. At its main web page (http://www.fisonline.com/), you access this source of information by clicking on Member Services.

FYI A listing of recently acquired books is available at the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library's web site in the News & Information area or at

MASSBEDROCK-- Reference Librarians Carol Maksian and Liz McDermott recently attended a workshop about a new Web resource called MassBedrock. MassBedrock stands for Massachusetts Business Economic Development Reference Online Center. The site focuses on business in Massachusetts and is organized under headings such as "Company Information", "Global Business", "Education", and "Marketing". Other added features of this site include research tools and direct links to other reference resources. MassBedrock can be found from the Library's homepage by clicking on Internet Resources and then by clicking on "Business" under the Selected Resources by Topic section. The direct URL is http://www.MassBedrock.org. This business resource is funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. Please check it out.



 Library Resource Sharing

Students: Did you know that libraries in the Worcester area house more than 3,800,000 volumes and subscribe to more than 23,000 serial titles? Several of these college and university libraries will allow you to register as a patron using your Assumption ID. The libraries that will grant borrowing privileges to currently enrolled Assumption students are:

Anna Maria College
Atlantic Union College
Becker College
**College of the Holy Cross**
Nichols College
Quinsigamond Community College
UMass. Medical School
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester State College

**New lender


Need to locate a journal quickly? Check out WAULS on the Web for a complete listing of holdings (40,700 serial titles) in the Worcester area. Assumption College's holdings are listed as well as 29 other area libraries. Keyword title and subject searching are also available.

Remember: In order to borrow books from one of these participating libraries, you must present a current, valid Assumption ID. The library staff at the other college will enter you as a borrower in their system and provide you with a library card (you must present that card and your Assumption ID to borrow materials in the future). Borrowed materials from other libraries can be returned by dropping them off at the Assumption College Library.




 May 1 - 3 (Mon. - Wed.)  8:00 a.m. - Midnight
 May 4 (Thursday)  8:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
 May 5 (Friday) 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
 May 6 (Saturday)  10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
 May 7 (Sunday)  1:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
 May 8 - 11 (Mon. - Thurs.)  8:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.
 May 12 (Friday)  8:00 a.m. - Midnight
 May 13 (Saturday)  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
 May 14th (Sunday)  1:00 p.m. - Midnight
 May 15  8:00 a.m. - 4:30p.m.
 May 16-19  8:30 a.m. - 4:30p.m.
 May 21  CLOSED

EXTRA Extended Hours

The d'Alzon Library will be open additional hours during finals. Beginning on May 1, we will open at 8:00 a.m. on weekdays and stay open later on nights preceding scheduled exams.

Summer hours begin May 22nd!