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The Newsletter of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library
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Vol. 2 No. 4
Winter 1998



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Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Sponsor: Assumption College

editor: Carol Maksian



Dawn Thistle, Library Director; Library Reference Staff: Carol Maksian, Larry Spongberg, Amanda Nelson, Kathleen Hobin; Technical Services: Janice Wilbur, Kim West, Julie O'Shea and Nina Tsantinis

Director of the French Institute: Dr. Claire Quintal

by Carol Maksian

Fall has been busy. We have enjoyed meeting many of the new students and faculty members and are fortunate to have a terrific group of 43 student workers assisting us in the smooth operation of the library. Evenings are still our busiest time but many afternoons between 2 and 4, you may find all available computers, tables (and Reference Librarians) occupied. Appreciation of the campus network and access to informational databases continues to grow. The Library may close at midnight but many of the databases are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Full text articles are available at your fingertips--if you just know how to access them. Articles from local and national newspapers may be retrieved from Lexis-Nexis. Currently we have a listing of over 40 print subscriptions that have given us free online access.

301,290 people have entered the library since installation of our new entrance gate in October 1997. The Reference Department has conducted 49 instructional sessions and answered 6,510 questions in 1998. We have received numerous donations: books from President Hagan; an Armenian collection from the Knights of Vartan; plays and film resources from our former Circulation Coordinator, Jean Hayes; several educational psychology books from Professor Marie Harrington and over 100 French books from the estate of Meredith Sullivan of Belmont, Massachusetts. Videotapes have been moved to the library and are now available for checkout and viewing. Our new director, Dawn Thistle, joined us in July and has energized the staff with new ideas and suggestions. 1999 promises to be a very exciting year. Web access to the Library catalog should be available for January. Our thanks to students, faculty and staff for making this year such an enjoyable one.

 Help -- Get US OUT OF HERE !!!

On Thursday, October 29, 1998, Dawn Thistle, Library Director, and Janice Wilbur, Coordinator of Technical Services, were charged with aiding and abetting the local chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association with the intent of helping area residents with muscular dystrophy. They were picked up in a limousine and carried off to the Irish Times on Main Street in Worcester. Together they were able to raise almost $500. The Muscular Dystrophy Association serves as the leading national voluntary health agency to fight against neuromuscular diseases


by Nina Tsantinis


Beginning with orders placed in November, faculty can now access online the status of the books they have ordered for the Library collection. An author or title search will display an on order note in the status window until the item has been received and cataloged. A monthly listing of recently acquired titles can be found in the News and Information section of the Library's web page.


Poètes d'aujourd'hui

by Kim West

Recently cataloged and newly available in the library are the following titles which are a part of the series A Poètes d'aujourd'hui. This series is a collection of French poetry with criticism and biographical information included. Each book came with a corresponding phono disc (45 rpm record). The phono discs have been converted by the Media Center to audio cassettes. The audio cassette contains the readings of selected poems from the book by contemporary French actors. The audio cassette will be included with the book when the book is checked out.

PQ 2601 .R2 A6 1962
Aragon, 1897-1982. Aragon : un essai. Paris : editions Pierre Seghers, 1962.

PQ 2601 .P6 A6 1962
Apollinaire, Guillaume, 1880-1918. Guillaume Apollinaire : une etude. Paris : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1962, c1956.

PQ 2191 .A122
Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867. Charles Baudelaire. Paris : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963.

PQ 2605 .A33 A6
Cadou, Rene Guy. Rene Guy Cadou. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963.

PQ 2605 .A55 A6
Carco, Francis, 1886-1958. Francis Carco. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1960, c1949.

PQ 2605 .E55 A6 1961
Cendrars, Blaise, 1887-1961. Blaise Cendrars. Paris : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1961, c1948.  

PQ 2605 .H3345 Z56

Char, René, 1907-1988. Rene Char. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, c1961.

PQ 2643 .A26 Z573
Charpier, Jacques. Essai sur Paul Valery. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1962, c1956.

PQ 2605 .L2 Z526 1962
Claudel, Paul, 1868-1955. Paul Claudel : une étude un choix de poemes. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1962.

PQ 2605 .O15 A16 1962
Cocteau, Jean, 1889-1963. Jean Cocteau. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1962.

PQ 2607 .E75 A6 1962
Desnos, Robert, 1900-1945. Robert Desnos. [Nouv. ed.]. Paris : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1962.

PQ 2611 .O62 Z88 1962
Fombeure, Maurice, 1906-. Maurice Fombeure. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1962.

PQ 6613 .A763 A37 1963
Garcia Lorca, Federico, 1898-1936. Federico Garcia Lorca. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963, c1947.


PQ 2637 .E46 A6
Guibert, Armand, 1906-. Leopold Sedar Senghor. Paris : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963, c1961.

PQ 2282 .P4 1961
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885. Victor Hugo : un essai. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1961.

PQ 2619 .A17 A6 1963
Jacob, Max, 1876-1944. Max Jacob. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963, c1945.

PQ 2619 .A5 A6 1950
Jammes, Francis, 1868-1938. Francis Jammes. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1950.

PQ 2323 .L8 A16
Laforgue, Jules, 1860-1887. Jules Laforgue. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1959.

PQ 2625 .A93 F7 1960
Mauriac, Francois, 1885-1970. Francois Mauriac. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1960.

PQ 2625 .I2 A17 1963
Michaux, Henri, 1899-1984. Henri Michaux.[Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963, c1957.

PQ 2369 .A14 1963
Musset, Alfred de, 1810-1857. Alfred de Musset. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963, c1957.

PQ 2635 .O927 A6 1962
Noel, Marie, 1883-1967. Marie Noel. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1962.

PQ 2631 .E25 Z8 1963
Perche, Louis. Essai sur Charles Peguy. Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963, c1957.

PQ2260 .G36 Z748
Richer, Jean, 1915-. Gerald de Nerval. Paris : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1962.

PQ 2387 .R5 A6 1963
Rimbaud, Arthur, 1854-1891. Arthur Rimbaud. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1963.

PQ 2623 .E386 Z6 1961
Saint-John Perse, 1887-1975. Saint-John Perse. [Paris] : Editions Pierre Seghers, 1961.

New Periodicals In the Library

Civilization; The Magazine of the Library of Congress
Christian Bioethics
Etudes Irlandaises
Le Monde de la Bible
Scientific American Presents
Psychological MethodsB
Behavioral Disorders
Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Ethics and International Affairs
Homiletic and Pastoral Review
Indiana Review

Knights of Vartan Donation

In September the Knights of Vartan gave a presentation on com-memorating the Seventh Anniversary of the Republic of Armenia. The following title, covering various aspects of Armenian history, language and culture were donated:

Armenia and the Crusades: 10th and 12 Centuries, Ara Dostourian.
Armenian Art Treasures of Jerusalem
, edited by Bezalel Narkiss
Armenian Carpets
, Manya Ghazarian
Armenian Church Historical Studies
, Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan
Armenian Costumes Through the Centuries
, Paul Kalinian
Armenian Folk Tales and Fables
, Translated by Charles Downing
The Armenian People
(2 Vols.) Edited by Richard G. Hovannisian
The Armenians: 2000 Years of Art and Architecture
, A.A. Novello, etc.
The Crossing Place
, Philip Marsden
The Cuisine of Armenia
, Sonia Uvezian
Days of Tragedy In Armenia
, Henry H. Riggs
Genocide and Human Rights
, Journal of Armenian Studies
, Mark Malkasian
The Golden Age In the 5th Century
, Rev. A. A. Bedikian
The History of the Armenian Genocide
, Vahakn N. Dadrian
The History of Vartan and the Armenian War
, Yeghisheh
, Marderos Deranian
The Kingdom of Armenia
, M. Chahin
Language Connections
, Sarkis S. Saryan
The Lions of Marash
, Stanley E. Kerr
Out of Turkey
, Harry Yessanian
Sacrifice and Redemption
, Marion Der Kazarian
The World of William Saroyan
, Nona Balakian
Worcester Is America
, Dr. H. Martin Deranian


Thanks to a generous donation from former library Circulation Coordinator, Jean Hayes, the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library has recently received a gift of almost two hundred plays and books on theater and film. These books comprise part of a collection accumulated by her husband, Jack. They will be useful for the study of the theater as well as for audition material. A listing of these titles is available upon request or you may check the Library's News and Guides section on the Library's web site.


We have been very fortunate to have Sr. Francis Teresa del Marmol, Religious of the Assumption, assisting us in various areas of the library. Sr. Francis began volunteering at the Library this fall and has been helping in the Reference and Interlibrary Loan areas, and with evaluating and cataloging of recently donated French materials. Her expertise has been invaluable in evaluating French items in the Archives. (We also enjoy her cookies!)


A unique resource for contemporary information on France is now available through the French Library and Cultural Center, which is located in Boston. Founded in 1945, the Library's collection of more than 30,000 French books, 65 periodicals, and 500+ of the best French films, is available through Interlibrary Loan. An e-mail Reference staff, composed of members from France, is available to answer questions on France, its literature and culture. You may learn more about the French Library by accessing the web page at http://www.frenchlib.org/ and/or contacting them via e-mail.

With more than 750 new titles every year (consisting solely of French authors), the library offers a varied collection, including 1,500 children books and a myriad of Maigret mysteries. The fiction collection offers several thousand novels including classic and contemporary authors. You will also find the December annual prize winner within a few days of the announcements. The nonfiction collection is particularly strong in history, biography, literature and literary criticism, the arts and social sciences.

An extensive selection of videos, 16mm films, and slides are available for teachers. The archives of Marcel Carne can be consulted.

A listing of their 500 videos is available at the d'Alzon Library or by consulting the web-page at http://www.frenchlib.org/ under Films and Videos. CD's representing French popular and classical music as well as French literature read aloud are also available.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact the Library Reference Office@ 767-7273.

by Larry Spongberg


For a limited time, the Library is showcasing Famous Firsts in Massachusetts and Assumption College Firsts. These displays are located in the Main/Reference Room of the Library. Famous Firsts in Massachusetts contains items representing events or objects which occurred first in the Bay State. The second display, Assumption College Firsts, contains material and information on firsts for the college itself. Many of these displayed items have been loaned to the library's display cases from the Assumption College archives courtesy of Father Donat Lamothe. Come and see Assumption's First College Catalog and the first college newspaper.

If you have ideas for future displays, or if you would like to create an exhibit, please contact your reference staff @ 767-7273.

Fall Conferences/Workshops

by Carol Maksian

The Reference Department's Internet folder of sites is constantly expanding. Occasionally we find time to evaluate some recommended sites but now the folder is overflowing with little slips of paper, newspaper clippings and pages from books and articles. This fall I have been fortunate to attend a couple of workshops where the presenters had done all the work and I could just sit back and relax. Some sites were familiar, some were new and improved and some would have saved the Reference staff a few hours or at least helped us to find the answers more quickly.

In October at the New England Library Association conference two law librarians, Elizabeth Kenney and Jeanette Tracy, shared their favorite legal sites. "Surfing For Law Through Cyberspace" was well organized with a touch of humor. Links to these sites have been established through the Library's Internet Resources and Finding Tools Page.

Legal Sites

Find Law

This is a favorite of the law librarians as well as some of our students. It categorizes numerous legal sites-cases, codes, federal government resources, and state law resources to name a few. It is fully searchable.

Government Information Xchange http://www.info.gov/

Hieros Gamos

Comprehensive legal site. Gives today's news from every state. U.S. Government links are very well organized and offers database searches for government documents.

Internet Law Library

The U.S. House of Representatives site contains: a searchable U.S.Code; U.S. Federal Laws arranged by agency; Laws of other nations; Treaties and International Law; attorney and legal profession directories.

Lectric Law Library

This site claims to be "the biggest collection of law related forms" split into two categories:
1. Business and General -contains Real Estate, Corporations, Employment, Contracts, Trusts and Wills
2. Legal Practice

Legal Information Institute

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

Indexes current proposals, committee reports, how to pass legislation and contains historical documents. It is fully searchable.

Another workshop that I attended was "Extreme Searching II! Taming the Web by Topic: How to Find the Best Business, Government and International Resources" by Randolph Hock. Business, Government and International sites were organized by metasites, directories, search engines, news and special online tools. Some of his tips were:

  • To find a metasite in a particular subject area go to a search engine and search for your topic and the word "resources." You may need to sift through some results but can probably find lists of related internet sites.
  • To locate sources for international news, go to AJR Newslink (American Journalism Review) at ajr.newslink.org. This site offers links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide.
  • To locate country/language specific information, go to one of the major search engines such as Altavista, Lycos, and Infoseek. Most of the major search engines have country/language specific versions in several languages.

If you are not sure where to begin, go to one of the major search engines such as Yahoo or Mining Company and select the most appropriate topic areas. Other search engines discussed were AltaVista, HotBot, and Northern Light. For direct links to these sites go to the Library's home page and access the Internet Resources page. Our Internet Resources page is not meant to be a comprehensive listing but contains sites which students have found helpful. If you are interested in more information about this workshop or have suggestions for our Internet Resources page, please contact the Reference office at 767-7273.

 Confused about search engines???
Check out Search Engine Watch @
This site covers search engines, their features and keeps up with the ever changing world of search engines.


Helpful Hints for Finding Newspaper Articles in Lexis-Nexis

Many of you have been using the various resources available from your library's home page via the DATABASES AVAILABLE link. EBSCO, SEARCHBANK, and LEXIS-NEXIS have proven to be especially popular. These databases offer full text articles which can be retrieved and printed from on campus computers including those from the residence halls. An article in the summer 1998 newsletter (available online from the library home page) provides details on LEXIS-NEXIS and EBSCO.

You may have found that both SEARCHBANK and EBSCO include citations for the NEW YORK TIMES. You can use LEXIS-NEXIS to locate full text articles for these citations. To do this, enter LEXIS-NEXIS and choose General News Topics. Enter a keyword in the box to the right of the topic line, since this line must be filled in for a search to proceed. Enter "publication (new york times)" in the box to the right of additional terms. Select the major newspapers option in the box to the right of source material. Click on the dot to the left of the line which calls for searching by specific dates. Enter the desired date in both the from and to boxes. Click on the search box. Once your desired citation appears, click on the blue area to retrieve the full text for the article. For additional useful hints on using LEXIS-NEXIS, scroll down the page which appears when general news topics is selected. As always, contact your reference staff if you have any questions or problems.

French Institute
by Claire Quintal

The French Institute, which is a self-supporting entity under the aegis of the college, is finalizing the English edition of alumnus ('59) Armand Chartier's history of New England's Franco-Americans. The book is scheduled to appear early next year. The Institute is also elaborating plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 1999.


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Best Wishes for the Holidays and 1999!

~d'Alzon Library Staff