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Volume 2
Fall 1998

The Newsletter of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library
Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts USA 


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 Emmanuel d'Alzon
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Emmanuel d'Alzon Library

Sponsor: Assumption College

editor: Carol Maksian




Dawn Thistle, Library Director
Library Reference Staff:
Carol Maksian, Larry Spongberg,
Amanda Nelson, Kathleen Hobin
Technical Services: Janice Wilbur and Nina Tsantinis

Director of Academic Support:
Allen Bruehl

Director of the French Institute:
Claire Quintal

by Larry Spongberg

The Emmanuel d'Alzon Library celebrates its tenth anniversary this September. The celebration will take place on September 23 at 3:30 P.M. Featured speakers will include President Thomas Plough and Marshall Keys, Executive Director of NELINET, the organization which provides library services, such as access to electronic information, to over 550 member libraries in New England. Mr. Keys is a very popular speaker in the library field, and we are very fortunate to have him at our celebration.

The library opened September 12, 1988. Our student newspaper, Le Provocateur, noted this occasion in its September 22 issue. Following are a few of the enthusiastic comments from that article:

"As fall sets in and things get underway here at Assumption College, it is time to start hitting the books. The new library, which opened September 12th, is the perfect environment. The exterior with its electronic glass doors and paved walkways is a perfect complement to what is inside...The building is over two and a half times the size of the old library in the back of La Maison...The big change here is not the books but the features the library now includes...There is much more for students in this library...This library is so well organized one may not even need to ask a librarian for help anymore."

[Fortunately for your library staff, the explosion of information through the Internet and other formats prevented that last prediction from coming true!]

The official dedication of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library occurred on the following October 15th, when Assumptionist Superior General Claude Marechal and other dignitaries spoke at a ceremony at the new facility. Le Provocateur published a front page article on the dedication on November 4, 1988. This news item mentioned that Library Director Philippe Poisson noted that "possibly the most beautiful word in the English language is now 'space' ".

Many changes have occurred in the ten years since the opening of your library. Our goal is to evoke the same degree of enthusiasm by our users that was so obvious at that time.

Interlibrary Loan

by Kathleen Hobin

The d'Alzon Library has many sources for you to use when doing research for a paper. If you are having difficulty finding information on your topic, the first thing you should do is ask a reference librarian, who often can direct you to the resources available in the library. If you are not able to find what you need , however, you can request books or articles on your topic from other libraries through interlibrary loan.

Starting the research phase of your paper early is a good idea since it gives you plenty of time for interlibrary loan if you need it. Although we try to get materials quickly, you should allow two weeks for their arrival.

Request forms for books and articles are located in the reference area. We have a limit of 5 requests per day per person. We ask that you fill out the forms as completely and legibly as possible with the correct title, author and publishing information. For articles, we need a complete citation ( journal name, volume, date and pages), an ISBN, ISSN or OCLC number can be included if known, but is not necessary. Before submitting your request, please be sure to check the d'Alzon library catalog to see if we own the book or journal you are requesting.

We do not charge for interlibrary loan services. Occasionally, libraries which charge fees are the only ones which have the item. If you would still like the article or book, you would be responsible for paying the fee.

Interlibrary loan can be a valuable supplement to the numerous resources available at the d'Alzon library.

 Library Collection Development Liaisons

Business Studies Carol Maksian, Paul Johnson
Communications Julie O'Shea
Computer Science Amanda Nelson
Continuing Education Janice Wilbur
Economics, Foreign Affairs & Geography Kim West
Education Lisa Lammi
English Julie O'Shea
Fine Arts & Theatre Lisa Lammi
Foreign Languages Larry Spongberg
History Julie O'Shea
Mathematics Amanda Nelson
Music Dawn Thistle
Philosophy Lisa Lammi
Psychology Larry Spongberg
Science Carol Barnitt
Social Rehabilitation Carol Maksian
Sociology Kim West
Theology Nina Tsantinis
Women's Studies Janice Wilbur

Media Comes To The d'Alzon Library

he d'Alzon Library now houses the College's video and audio CD collections, formerly located in the Media Center. Fully cataloged and searchable using the Library's online catalog, Sherlock, the almost 600 videos and 200 CDs can be requested at the library Reserve window. A printed list of these items is available for your perusal as well.

Students may borrow videos and CDs for 3 days, but must return any item needed for a class or Reserve when requested to do so. Some special policies apply to faculty:

* The default loan period for faculty is one week, but faculty members may request a longer loan if needed. Simply ask the circulation supervisor on duty.

* Video materials needed for class may be placed on Reserve to ensure their availability when needed.

* Although the videos are shelved in the circulation area of the library, faculty may "browse the shelves" any time. Just let the circulation staff know you would like to do so.

* Faculty are encouraged to order videos in the same manner as they order books. Please submit orders to your library liaison.

* The library provides two viewing stations for students who need to watch Reserved videos. More such stations are "in the works."

We are happy to have the media collection in the Library along with our many other information resources. We believe that we will be able to provide increased access along with increased control and security in circulation. Improved searching capability will also reduce unnecessary duplication and waste of college resources.


by Janice Wilbur and Dawn Thistle

All videos and CDs have been fully cataloged and can be found using our online catalog, Sherlock. Here are some tips for finding the materials that you need:

There is a listing at the circulation desk of videos and CDs held in the library. This list is in alphabetical order by title.

Limiting searches - Searches can also be limited, or "restricted" to video or audio titles. When searching:

  • Choose "Advanced features" at the bottom right of Choose Search window
  • Highlight "Restrict titles", single click
  • A box appears which asks you to choose a restriction. Highlight "video recordings" or "audio CD" and single click
  • From the Choose Search window select an index to search and enter your search in the "Search for:" box
  • On the "Show titles" list only the titles in bold apply to your search restriction. Any result not matching the search restriction will be grayed out.
  • When you are finished searching, remember to de-select your search restriction by returning to the "Restrict titles" window and clicking on the "Clear" button or selecting "No Restriction (matches all titles)." If you do not, all your subsequent searches will continue to be restricted.

Media can also be searched using a subject keyword search on the OPACS. This will bring up a listing of subject entries for which there are videos or CDs.

  • From the Choose Search window, select the Subject Keyword index
  • Enter your search with the addition of "video recordings" or "sound recordings"

You may get even better results by using another of Sherlock's "Advanced Features" -"Multi Index" searching. This feature allows you to search in two indexes, Subject keyword and Title keyword, at once.

  • From "Advanced Features," select "Multi Index"
  • Click on the down arrow to select between Subject keyword or Title keyword, then enter your search. **Remember to add "video recordings" or "sound recordings" in the Subject keyword search.
  • Click on the "And" radio button if you want terms from BOTH the subject and title keyword indexes to be located-generally this is the case!
  • Click on the next down arrow to select the other index, then enter your other search term.
  • Multi Index searching may take awhile, but your results should be more focused.

As always, if you have any questions, please call the Reference Desk for assistance: x7375


The following items have been missing from the media collection since last Spring. If you have them, please return them to the library. We will be happy to renew them for you.

Video Call # Title Composer/Author
0105 Ulysses  
0117 Excalibur Orion  
0121 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid  
0139 Do The Right Thing  
 0173 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum  
0220 American Image: 150 Years of Photography  
0320 Doublespeak Films for the Humainities  
0333 Death & Dying  
0398 Jorge Luis Borges: Borges & I  
0406, v.5 History of the 20th Century  
0431, v.2 Introduction to American Deaf Culture  
0434, v.2 A Basic Course in American Sign Language  
0487 Images of the 80's  
0525 The Usual Suspects  
0538 Yellow Wallpaper  
0542 Methamphetamines  
0557 Doctor Faustus  
CD 0020 War requiem: op. 66 Britten 
CD 0029 Iphigenie in Aulis Gluck
CD 0044 Mass in C Minor, K. 427 Mozart
CD 0045 Symphonies 35-41 Mozart
CD 0065 Tommy: original cast recording Townsend
CD 0067  Live at the BBC  Beatles
CD 0068 Decoy Miles Davis
CD 0069 The best of the Doors Doors
CD 0071 Dizzy's Diamonds: the Best of the Verve Years Gillespie
CD 0073 The song remains the same: the soundtrack from the files Zeppelin
CD 0074 Zero tolerance for silence Metheny
CD 0075 Highlights: the very best of Yes Yes
CD 0076 Got live if you want it Rolling Stones
CD 0077 Homage Billy Taylor
CD 0078 Percussion bitter sweet Roach
CD 0079 Oscar Peterson Jam  
CD 0080 Charlie Parker and the stars of modern jazz at Carnegie Hall, Christmas 1949 Parker
Cd 0081 Greatest Hits Parker
CD 0127 The planets (disc only: we have jewel case) Holst
CD 0186 Smithsonian collection of classical jazz (5 volumes + book)  

Academic Support Center
by Allen Bruehl

Welcome back!!! The Academic Support Center is open for tutoring. The Academic Support Center began tutoring on Monday, August 31st. With the beginning of a new academic year, it is always good to remind students that tutoring is available in most academic subjects. The ASC is open Monday - Thursday from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm; Friday,8:30 am - 4:30 pm; and Sunday, 6:00 pm -10:00 pm. Please come by or call x5232 to set-up a tutoring appointment. If you are studying in the library and have a question, just walk over to the ASC on the 2nd floor of the d'Alzon Library and see if or when a tutor is available.

In order to help us be more effective tutors, please bring your books, syllabus, and/or assignments with you, and try to come pre-pared with questions so we can focus on your specific needs. We look forward to another great year of collaborative learning.

French Institute
by Dr. Claire Quintal

The French Institute's current project is translating and editing The History of the Franco-Americans of New England (1775-1990), a 400-page book by Armand Chartier (Class of 1959). Robert J. Lemieux (Class of 1961) is the co-translator. The book, to be published under the joint auspices of the French Institute and the ACA of Manchester, N.H., is slated to appear in late October or early November.


September 21st -- Knights of Vartan commemorates the Seventh Anniversary of the Republic of Armenia @7:00 p.m. in the Hagan Center

September 22nd -- EBSCO and Searchbank (magazine services)@ 1:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

September 23rd -- 10th Anniversary Celebration @ 3:30 p.m.

September 24th -- Lexis-Nexis and FirstSearch@ 1:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Coming in October--Lexis-Nexis Workshop for Faculty