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Vol. 1 No. 2
Summer 1997
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The Newsletter of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library
Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts


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Library to Introduce E-mail Reference
Collection Development Liaisons
Book Beat
Using the Library Without Leaving Your Room
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Cross Borrowing From Other Libraries
Reconversion Project
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We have been busy this summer preparing the library for your return. The regulars listed below and our student assistants will be more than happy to assist you. If you can't find what you need be sure to ask.

Who to call:

Acting Director, Library SystemsJanice WilburX7136
Interlibrary Loan
Carol Maksian, Larry Spongberg, Amanda Nelson, Kathleen HobinX7273
Circulation /OverduesLisa Lammi,
Jean Missud
PeriodicalsJulie O'Shea,
Doris Lindberg
AcquisitionsNina Tsantinisx7076
Kim Westx7384
Carol Barnitt

Staff News

By Janice Wilbur, Acting Director

The Emmanuel d'Alzon Library will be starting the 1997-98 academic year without the familiar face of Mrs. Jean Hayes at the Circulation desk. Mrs. Hayes has worked for Assumption almost 28 years and will be retiring at the end of August. She has seen many changes both in the library and on the campus. When she started back in 1969 Assumption College was for boys only. She witnessed adjustments made as the college became co-educational and has worked under three different Library Directors -- Jerry Gagne, Phil Poisson, and Dr. Harvey Varnet. The college will honor Jean and say goodbye at a retirement party at the President's house on August 29th.

Claudia Bissett resigned from her position as the Head Cataloger of the Reconversion Project in June. She was instrumental in organizing the project over the last three years and assisted in cataloging most of the titles. In addition to her Master's degree in Library Science, Claudia holds a Master's degree in Music. She participated in the Assumption College Band and in local music groups. Her love and knowledge of music was an asset to Assumption College and the library collection. Claudia Bissett is now Music Resources Coordinator at University of Rhode Island.

Best wishes to Claudia and Jean !

Library to Introduce E-mail Reference


The library will be instituting an e-mail Reference service for the Assumption community. It is designed to answer brief factual questions and for those times when the phone lines are busy or you have problems trying to reach someone at the library. Perhaps you just need a citation or address or a few suggestions for resources for a project. Users may use this service anytime and can expect a response within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Librarians will be checking the account twice a day.

Please be as complete and specific as possible when writing your request. If the turnaround time is not quick enough for your needs, a Reference librarian is available during most of the hours that the library is open. Or, you may call the Reference Office at 767-7273 or the Reference Desk at 767-7235. We are looking forward to hearing from you......

Reconversion Project

The Reconversion project is in its final stages. We are happy to report that we celebrated the entry of the 100,000th item record into the database during the month of July. Not only are the library books and periodicals part of the Sherlock computer catalog, but materials from the French Institute and the Media Center are also included. The cataloging staff is now concentrating their efforts on the rare books located in the Archives collection. We hope that the Reconversion Project will be completed sometime in the beginning of next year.

Collection Development Liaisons

We hope that you will find everything you need when looking for information at the library. If you can not find what you need you always check with the Reference office before leaving. We may be able to recommend alternative sources. Also, if you read a great book review, it may be something others would also enjoy reading or could use as a resource for a project. Recommendations are always welcome. The task of keeping our collection current and up-to-date is shared by the library staff. Subject liaisons for the 1997 1998 academic year are:

Business StudiesCarol Maksian
CommunicationsJulie O'Shea
Computer ScienceCarol Maksian
Janice Wilbur
Continuing EducationJanice Wilbur
Economics, Foreign Affairs
and Geography
Kim West
EducationLisa Lammi
EnglishJulie O'Shea
Fine ArtsLisa Lammi
Foreign LanguagesLarry Spongberg
Amanda Nelson
Julie O'Shea
Janice Wilbur

Amanda Nelson

Janice Wilbur
PhilosophyLisa Lammi
PoliticsLarry Spongberg
Carol Maksian
Janice Wilbur
ScienceCarol Barnitt
Carol Maksian
Social Rehabilitation Carol Maksian
SociologyKim West
TheaterLisa Lammi
TheologyNina Tsantinis
Women's StudiesJanice Wilbur

Book Beat
by Lisa Lammi

What happens to the paperback you return with an elastic holding it together? The D'Alzon Library has an active Preservation Department which attempts to keep the books and magazines in the collection in good condition. Each type of repair requires specific techniques and materials, and is a time intensive handicraft.

There are a number of things that people can do to extend the life of the books they need:

€Avoid writing in or underlining in library books.

€Use a simple flat bookmark to hold a place rather than stuffing in a pencil which will split the book apart.

€Post-It Notes are becoming popular as page markers. Did you know that the adhesive destroys paper, eventually ruining the book? You should avoid using them on materials you need to keep.

€Food is a real culprit - grease, crumbs, moisture - all these things damage and destroy books and magazines. Additionally, these things attract insects which also ruins books!. Eat food outside the library - this will help preserve the materials you need and use everyday.

Although there are lots of great Internet sites filled with interesting information, books still hold a lot of information you will need in school. You can play a part in taking care of this important information source.

Using the Library Without Leaving Your Room
by Larry Spongberg

Thanks to the installation of RESNET this summer, it is now possible for you to use many online library services without leaving your residence hall. You just need to have a computer connected to the campus network.

For example, you can find out if the library has a particular book and if it is checked in. To do this, use Netscape to access the Assumption home page. From there, scroll down to the Library button and click to access the Library Home Page . If you are doing this from your room, you may wish to add a bookmark at this point. Click on Telnet to d'Alzon Library Catalog. Then, type library (in lower case) when asked for a name and a password. You may access the catalog to answer your question by using title, name, or subject. Before doing this for the first time, you may benefit from a practice run at the library, since the telnet version is somewhat different from online access at the library OPACs.

You can use the Library Home Page to access wide variety of databases besides our catalog. Such databases include catalogs of other libraries, online journal indexes, an online union list to let you know which libraries in the area own the journals that you need, and many gateways to information on various topics. Since availability is constantly changing, and since differing skills are needed to use many of these resources, it is recommended that you ask a reference staff person for assistance when using any of these for the first time. Once you have developed the ability to use these resources, you may benefit by calling us at 7275 or 7273 if you have a quick question while online. If the library is closed, or if the phone lines are busy, you may e-mail your question to the reference department: library@assumption.edu.

Exciting times are ahead. Don't hesitate to contact us for any needed aid in using these expanded services.

Databases from the Desktop
Sessions in Library
September 9, 10, 11
16, 17, 18
@ 1:00 pm
5:00 pm and 7:00 pm each day
Each session should last around 45 minutes.
Space is limited so please sign up at the Reference Desk

Cross-Borrowing from Area Libraries

Students, faculty, and staff of Assumption College have borrowing privileges at other school libraries in the area. Several college and universities have mutually agreed to share their libraries' resources. In order to check materials out at another school, you must have a current, valid ID from Assumption College.

Be aware of the lending libraries' rules and guidelines. They may differ from the d'Alzon library and you, the borrower, are ultimately responsible. The following libraries participate:

Anna Maria College
Atlantic Union College
Becker College
Nichols College
Quinsigamond Comm. College
U Mass. Medical School
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester State College

For Clark University and the College of the Holy Cross, the procedure is different. You may order materials through interlibrary loan or attain an ALA form from the Reference Department at Assumption. You must have an ALA form to check books out directly from Clark and Holy Cross. When finished with the books, please return them to the Assumption Reference office so that they may be cleared from our records.

What's New!!!

Click here for New Book Titles which were added during the summer.

Encyclopedia Brittanica
is now available to the Assumption community and is accessible through the "Databases Available" section of the library's home page. It contains the same content as the print, is fully searchable and also contains links to resources on the Web. Advanced search and retrieval capabilities make this an ideal starting point for papers and projects. Find the answer you need in seconds.....

Project Muse, a collection of full text scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences and mathematics, is currently on trial through September. It is available to the Assumption community through the Internet at http://www.muse.jhu.edu. There are about 40 journals now online. Let us know what you think about this service.

First Search is also a service that is going to be available campus wide. First Search is a collection of databases in a variety of topic areas and contains the largest library catalog in the world called, "WorldCat". Materials which are owned by Assumption College are also indicated when you use this service. Over 50 different databases are searchable and the Web version makes it easier than ever. Training of this service will be given during the Databases from Desktops sessions.

MLA Bibliography is coming soon...

Tips for Students

1. Wear a sweater in summerand short sleeves in winter....

2.Don't forget to bring your Assumption ID card if you are planning to check out materials.

3. If you need items which have been placed on Reserve, please bring your syllabus. Materials are on Reserve by the instructor's name.

4.The card catalog is no longer valid except for French literature items- use the computer catalog instead.

5. Eat before you come--no food or drink is allowed in the library

6.Bring change if you plan to make copies. If you plan to make a lot of copies, a copy card is more economical. Copy cards may be purchased from the dispenser near the copiers on the first floor.

7.Feel free to ask for help, we may be able to save you a lot of time and frustration.

8.Please do not reshelve books--put them on the designated tables and carts.

9.If you need a quiet place to study, try the 3rd floor of the library.

10.Bring a computer disk if you are planning to do wordprocessing or saving materials from the Internet

Notes from Neighbors

Academic Support Welcome Back!! The Academic Support Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Library (just follow the signs), will be up and running on Tuesday, September 2nd to work with anyone interested in tutoring.

We will be tutoring by appointment only during the first week of classes, but as of Sunday, September 7th we will be fully operational. Please call the ASC at X5232 to set up an appointment. If you would like to meet or speak with Allen Bruehl or Mary Driscoll, please call X7311 or X5211.

We would like to welcome all new tutors, returning tutors, Lisa Bergeron--our new Study Skills Specialist, and Diane Ouellette- our new Continuing Education Writing tutor.

College Archives

Fr. Donat's room in the d'Alzon Library will be a secret no longer. Rare books, pictures and memorabilia about Assumption College are currently being cataloged and input into the library catalog. Father Donat has been in charge of the Assumption College's Archives for a long time. Fortunately for the Assumption community, the Archives is included in the Reconversion project which means anyone will be able to access materials found in the Archives through our library's co
mputer catalog. To date, over 570 titles have been entered into the database. If you are interested in obtaining materials contained in the Archives, please call Father Donat Lamothe directly to make an appointment.

French Institute
On Sunday, September 28th, at 4:00 P.M., the Institut Francais will be hosting the French Ambassador to Washington, M. Francois Bujon de l'Estang. At that time, Dr. Claire Quintal will be promoted to Officier in the Ordre National du Merite.

The French Institute is finalizing its edited translation of a book on Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The lancement is slated for October 11th, to coincide with the opening of the federally-funded Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket. This museum will be the focal point of the entire Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor