Striving for Understanding and Justice

The tragic and unfortunate deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others whose lives were needlessly extinguished offer yet another reminder of the need to open our hearts and minds.

Truth Seeking Understanding

Amid this contentious time, as an educational institution rooted firmly in the Catholic liberal arts tradition, it is our responsibility to provide hope – hope for a better tomorrow. These are words that must guide our work throughout the campus community to form individuals of high character and understanding so that when they venture out into the world they, too, can change hearts and minds. The liberal arts education offered by Assumption is the framework for addressing societal problems because this education rests on the fundamental questions that every person and every society must answer: What is the good?  What is evil?  What comprises the common good?  What does it mean to be a civilized people?  How does moral judgement and prudence inform our actions?  What is right and what is inherently wrong?  

Assumption prepares students to reflect upon complex questions. Such is embedded in our mission as we seek to form individuals known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service. Faculty challenge Assumption students to examine problems from a variety of perspectives and enduring ideas in search of the truth. It is not simply enough to tell students what is just or unjust, rather, to challenge them to discover the truth guided by a caring and dedicated faculty who present fundamental questions for students to contemplate. This is why Assumption exists. 

To guide students on this intellectual journey of self-reflection as it relates to the just and unjust, a conversation continues at Assumption.