Grade Flexibility

Given the extraordinary circumstances, Assumption will temporarily offer to students flexibility with regard to their grades.

Receiving Course Credit, Without Impacting Your GPA


Assumption realizes the uniqueness of remote learning during this time of uncertainty and additional responsibility many students have incurred as a result. Many institutions of high learning are placing all spring 2020 classes on a pass/no-credit basis while others are not. The faculty and administration of Assumption remain committed to the success of each student.


For the spring 2020 semester only, all Assumption students may choose pass/no-credit for up to three classes in which they earn a grade of C- or higher to receive credit. This includes classes in majors and the Core, which are normally excluded from this policy. As an incentive to continue working hard through the semester, students will choose whether to make courses pass/no credit after they receive their final grades.




  • Students can opt for pass/ no credit for up to three classes this semester only.
  • The threshold for receiving credit on this basis is a C-.
  • Students receive their grades at the end of the semester 
  • If students elect to designate a course as pass/ no credit, students receive credit for the class if they receive a grade of C- or higher, but the grade will not be factored into their overall GPA. If students keep the letter grade earned, all letter grades will be factored into their overall GPA.
  • Students can still opt for pass/ no credit in the future  if they have not exercised this option for up to two classes during their studies at Assumption
  • The decision is final and cannot be revisited in the future.
  • Students considering the pass/ no credit option should discuss this with their professor and advisor


Have questions? Students should contact their professors and/or advisors.


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