Charting a Path for the Future of Assumption

Learn more about the thorough process underway to identify qualified candidates and appoint the next President of the University

A Period of Change, Transition and Opportunity

With the retirement of Francesco C. Cesareo, Ph.D., the University's Board of Trustees appointed Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Greg Weiner, Ph.D. as Interim President as the Trustees prepare to commence a national search for the next generation of leadership to guide Assumption.

The Trustees are committed to a process that provides regular updates to members of the Assumption community: alumni, students, their families, faculty, staff, alumni, benefactors and prospective students and their families. The development of this page is one of many examples to support their efforts. 

This page will be updated throughout the transition and search process to provide members of the Assumption community timely news and information on the Trustees' work to recruit and appoint the University's next President.

Additional Information

An Engaged Process

Engaging the Community

The Search Committee welcomes feedback and suggestions from members of the University community now and throughout the process. On behalf of the Trustees, we look forward to the engagement of the University community in this important process that will define the future leadership and direction of Assumption University.

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