Tuition & Fees

The following information applies to undergraduates students at Assumption College.

Academic Year 2019-2020



Health Service Fee (mandatory fee)       


Student Activity Fee (mandatory fee)     


Technology Fee (mandatory fee)   


Ultimate Meal Plan is required for all students living in a standard dorm.  The cost of the ultimate meal plan is $4,818

Standard Room:

Alumni, Desautels, Salisbury, Worcester Hall


Hanrahan, Nault & Young




Apartment/Townhouse style housing (meal plans are optional for these residences)







Dufault/ Authier


Living/ Learning Center




Plough, South Hall


Wachusett Hall


Option Meal Plans:

15 Flex


10 Flex


75 Block Plan


50 Block Plan


20 Block Plan



Orientation Fee (new students only)


Student Medical Insurance


Sixth Course Fee (3 credits)


Natural Science Course Lab Fee


Education Practicum Fee


Graduation Fee


Studio Art Supplies Fee


Photography Fee


Late Fee


Withdrawal with intent to return


Study Abroad Fee (waived for Assumption students studying at our Rome campus)


Rome Campus Fees


International Student Fee



Dormitory Damage Deposit (resident students only)


Room deposit (residents)


Transcript of record


Parking Permit - resident


Parking Permit - commuter


ID Replacement


Key Replacement


Freshmen/ Transfer Application


Students taking more than 15 credits per semester will be billed per credit hour.

Undergraduate Withdrawal/Refund Policy:

No consideration will be given to applications for refunds from an individual course or the College unless the student has filed an official withdrawal notice with the Office of the Dean of Studies. The date of withdrawal is the last day of attendance. No amount paid is returnable upon a student’s voluntary withdrawal from the College as a matter of right. Also, no refund is made for delay in attending class at the beginning of a term or for withdrawal or dismissal beyond the eighth week of a semester.

Refunds made on tuition will be made in accordance with the following schedule:

1. Tuition—100% refund if withdrawal is on or before the first day of classes;

2. Tuition—90% refund if withdrawal is after the first day of the week that classes begin and before the end of the second week of the semester;

3. Tuition—50% refund if withdrawal is on the first day of the third week of the semester and before the end of the fourth week of the semester;

4. Tuition—25% refund if withdrawal is on the first day of the fifth week of the semester and before the end of the eighth week of the semester.


Refunds on board charges will be calculated on a daily pro-rata basis.

Refunds on room charges will be calculated on a daily pro-rata basis.

No refunds are granted on fees at any time.  Refund checks are issued by Student Accounts once a week and mailed to the student’s address on record with the Registrars’ office.  Any refunds due to the student will first be offset against any other amounts owed to the College.

Tuition & Fees Information