Walter Shelley, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

508-767-7244 Kennedy Memorial Hall - Room 216

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., University at Albany, Criminal Justice, 2019
Thesis Topic: Family Instability as a Turning Point in the Life-Course: An Examination of Whether and How Family Instability and Specific Types of Family Instability Directly and Indirectly Influence Delinquency
M.A., University at Albany; Criminal Justice
B.A., University of New Mexico; Criminology

Publications & Editorships

Shelley, Walter W., Peterson, Dana, (2018) “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Bullying Will Get Me Bangin’”: Bullying Involvement and Adolescent Gang Joining. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. 

Shelley, Walter W., Pickett, Justin T., Mancini, Christina, McDougle, Diehl, Robyn, Rissler, Grant, Cleary, Hayley, (2017).  Race, Bullying, and Public Perceptions of School and University Safety. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.   

Book Chapters (* denotes graduate student co-author)

*Morgan, Kirstin A. and Shelley, Walter W. (2014). “Juvenile Street Gangs.” Pp. 1-8 Entry in Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, edited by Jay S. Albanese. Wiley-Blackwell.    


“Unstable Homes, Stable Bangin? American Society of Criminology meeting, November 2018, Atlanta, GA. 

“Mama’s Boy or Daddy’s Girl?” American Society of Criminology meeting, November 2017, Philadelphia, PA. 

 “Delinquent Consequences of Family Instability by Sex of Youth” American Society of Criminology meeting, November 2016, New Orleans, LA. 

“Family Transitions and Youth Gang Joining,” American Society of Criminology meeting November 2015, Washington, D.C.

“Bullying and its Impact on Gang Joining”, Shelley, Walter W., Peterson, Dana. American Society of Criminology meeting, November 2013, Atlanta, GA.