Deanna Denault, Ph.D.

Principal Faculty

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., Dartmouth College; Physiology 1997
M.A., Boston University; Physiology, 1991
M.Ed., Springfield College; Cardiac Rehabilitation, 1985
B.S., University of Massachusetts, 1984

Publications & Presentations

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Denault, D., Froehlich, D., & Southard, D. (2018). Early, Internal Exam Performance as a PANCE Predictor. PAEA Educators Forum in Anaheim, CA.

Reeves, S., Denault, D., Huntington, J., Southard, D., Ogrinc, G., Vebell, R.  (2017) Learning to Overcome Hierarchical Pressures to Achieve Safer Patient Care: An Interprofessional Simulation for Nursing, Medical, and Physician Assistant Students. Nursing Educator Sep/Oct;42(5S Suppl 1): S27-S31.

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