Brian Garcia, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., KU Leuven, Institute of Philosophy, History of Philosophy, 2016
M.Phil., KU Leuven, Institute of Philosophy, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, 2012
M.A., University of Dallas, Philosophy, 2011
B.A., University of Dallas, Philosophy, 2008

Publications (Selection)

Review of Dante’s Persons: An Ethics of the Transhuman (Oxford, 2016) by Heather Webb. Deutsches Dante-Jahrbuch 96 (2021), 163–168.
Review of Anatomie d’un Homme-Dieu: Éléments de la christologie et de la physiologie de Tommaso Campanella (Honoré Champion, 2019) by Deborah Miglietta. Renaissance Quarterly 74 (2021), 1017–1019.
“The Monstrosity of Vice: Sin and Slavery in Campanella’s Political Thought.” Aithér: Journal for the Study of Greek and Latin Philosophical Traditions 12 (2020), 232–248.
Review of Minima Mediaevalia. Saggi di filosofia medievale (Aracne, 2019) by Ruedi Imbach. Deutsches Dante-Jahrbuch 95 (2020), 185–189.
“Tommaso Campanella: La città del sole (The City of the Sun).” The Literary Encyclopedia, Vol. 1.6.1: Italian Writing and Culture (2019).
“The Editor, the Author, and the Saint: Dominic of Flanders and Antonio de Ferraris, Two Quattrocento Readers of Aquinas.” Divus Thomas 120 (2017), 69–88 (co-authored with A. A. Robiglio).
“Interiority and Human Experience: Dominicus de Flandria on the Interior Senses.” Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval 22 (2015), 219–237.
“Aristotle Among the Jesuits: A Note Concerning a Recent Publication.” Rivista di Filosofia Neo-scolastica 106 (2014), 177–193.

Conferences (Selection)

“Thomas Aquinas, Dominic of Flanders, and Niccolò Tignosi on Taste and the Object of Taste.” International Conference: Aristotle’s De sensu in the Latin Tradition (1150–1650), Università degli Studi di Pavia & De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, September 2021. 
“Tyrannicide Reconsidered: Sovereignty without Right in Tommaso Campanella.” Virtual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Panel: The Right to Kill, the Faculty to Depose, the Power to Invade, April 2021.
“‘If all princes are tyrants, it follows that all peoples are slaves’: Campanella’s Rejection of Aristotle.” 64th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Panel: Tommaso Campanella at 450: Politics and Religion, New Orleans LA, March 2018.
“The Golden Age and the City of the Sun: Tommaso Campanella and the Practical Realization of his City.” 63rd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Panel: The Waning of the Renaissance and the New Foundations of Campanella’s Political Thought, Chicago IL, March 2017.
“Ethical Psychology and the Aristotelian Paradigm: Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola’s De imaginatione.” 62nd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Panel: Renaissance Aristotelianism(s) Reconsidered, Boston MA, April 2016.
“Dominic of Flanders on Sensory Cognition: A Renaissance Reading of the De anima.” 60th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Panel: Renaissance Scholasticism, Between Aristotle and Machiavelli, New York NY, March 2014.
“Between Higher and Lower Soul: Plotinus’ Adoption of Aristotelian phantasia.” International Workshop: Expanding the Canon of Ancient Philosophy, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences & Dutch National Research School in Classical Studies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 2012.

Professional Affiliations

American Catholic Philosophical Association
American Philosophical Association
Renaissance Society of America
Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy