Anthony D. Traylor, Ph.D

Adjunct Faculty Philosophy

508-767-7378 Founders Hall - Room 302

Degrees Earned

B.A., George Mason University; Philosophy, 1989
M.A., Villanova University; Philosophy, 1992
Ph.D., Emory University; Philosophy, 1998
Ph.D. Thesis Title: “The Question of Transcendence in Husserl and Heidegger”

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Introduction to Philosophy
God and the Philosophers
Philosophical Psychology
Philosophy and Literature
20th Century Continental Philosophy

Publications & Editorships

“Reassessing Heidegger on Existentia,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (2001).

“Violence Has It’s Reasons: Girard and Bataille,” Contagion (2014).

“Vorhandenheit and Heidegger’s Predicament over Being-In-Itself,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (2014).

“George Bataille and the Economics of Ruin,” Global Business & Economics Anthology (2014).