Aisling Dugan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

508-767-7293 Testa Science Center - Room 204

Degrees Earned

B.A., Smith College, Biological Science, 2000
Ph.D., Brown University, Biology and Medicine, 2007
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Tufts University, 2009

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Microbiology & Laboratory
Immunology & Laboratory
Human Biology & Laboratory
Concepts in Biology Laboratory

Publications & Editorships

Stroh LJ, Gee GV, Blaum BS, Dugan AS, Feltkampp MCW, Atwood WJ. Trichodysplasia Spinulosa-associated Polyomavirus employs a displayed binding site on VP1 to engage sialylated glycolipids. Plos Pathogen. 2015. 11 (8): e1005112. 

Asrat S, Dugan AS, Isberg RR. The frustrated host response to Legionella pneumophila is bypassed by MyD88-dependent translation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Plos Pathogen. 2014. 10 (7): e1004229. 

Bouley SJ, Maginnis MS, Derdowski A, Gee GV, O’Hara BA, Nelson CD, Bara AM, Atwood WJ, Dugan AS. Host cell autophagy promotes BK virus infection. Virology. 2014. 456-457: 87-95. 

Barry KC, Fontana MF, Portman JL, Dugan AS, Vance RE. IL-1α Signaling Initiates the Inflammatory Response to Virulent Legionella pneumophila In Vivo. Journal of Immunology. 2013. 190(12):6329-39. 

Jordan JA, Manley K, Dugan AS, O’Hara BA, Atwood WJ. Transcriptional regulation of BK virus by nuclear factor of activated T cells. Journal of Virology. 2010. 84 (4): 1722-30. 

Li Z, Dugan AS, Bloomfield G, Skelton J, Ivens A, Losick V, Isberg RR. DupA: a key regulator of the amoebal MAP kinase response to Legionella pneumophila. Cell Host & Microbe. 2009. 6 (3): 253-267. 

Gasparovic ML, Maginnis MS, O'Hara BA, Dugan AS, Atwood WJ. Modulation of PML protein expression regulates JCV infection. Virology. 2009. 390 (2): 279-288. 

Dugan AS, Maginnis MS, Jordan JA, Gasparovic ML, Manley K, Page R, Williams G, Porter E, O’Hara BA, Atwood WJ. Human alpha-defensins inhibit BK Virus by aggregating virions and blocking binding to host cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2008. 283 (45): 31125-31132.


Host cell autophagy promotes BK virus infection. XIVth International Union of Microbial Sciences (IUMS), Montreal, Canada. July 2014. 

The Ins and Outs of BK virus infection. Bryant University, Smithfield, RI. April 2014 

Virus vs. Host: lessons learned from BK Virus infection, Hamilton College, Biology Dept. Seminar Series, Clinton, NY. Nov 2012. 

How human defensins protect against viral infection. Rhode Island College, Biology Dept. Seminar Series, Providence, RI. Nov 2011. 

Alpha-defensin 5, HD5, inhibits BK virus infection. Novartis, Cambridge, MA. June 2011.

Grants and Awards

Postdoctoral Travel Award, American Society for Virology. July 2008.

Student Travel Award, 4th International Conference on Polyomavirus and Human Disease. September 2007.

Charles Kuhn Graduate Award in Disease Pathogenesis, Pathobiology Graduate Program, Brown University. August 2006.

Student Travel Award, American Society for Virology. July 2006.

Dean’s List, Smith College. 1996-2000.

Research Projects

Assumption Student Research Projects 

Hieu Nguyen ‘15

Project: The effect of montamine analogs on E.coli and S. aureus growth (Oral presentation/defense-March 2015
Current position: Graduate student in Pharm.D. program at Massachusetts  College of Pharmacy and  Health Sciences (Fall 2015- present)

Lauren Pepi ’15 

Project: Cell Cycle Inhibition Influences BK Virus Infection
Current position: Graduate student in Ph.D. program in Chemistry at the University of Georgia (Fall 2015-present)

Sarah William ’14

Project: The Effect of Elafin on BK Virus Infection
Current position: Graduate student in Masters of Public Health Program at Boston University (Fall 2015- present)

Maggie Bara ‘14, 

Project: Immune Response to Dermacoccus Infection
Current Position: Research Associate I at Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT (July 2014-present)

Matt Cooke ’13, Assumption College

Project: Testing for Enterovirus in Blackstone Valley Wastewater Treatment Center
Current position: Associate Scientist I at Leica Biosystems, Danvers, MA (2014-present)

Stephanie Bouley ’12, Assumption College

Project: Understanding the Role of Autophagy in BK Virus Infection
Received Fulbright Scholarship, University of Tubingen, Germany (2012-2013)
Current position: Ph.D. Graduate student in Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (2013-present)