Hound Hustle

Do you like to workout?
Do you like to compete?
Perhaps you need a little motivation to workout?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then we have the program for you!  From the Wednesday following Spring Break to the Wednesday preceding Spring Break Campus Recreation is offering a workout competition to all who use the Plourde Recreation Center.  Campus Recreation will be offering prizes and incentives to help along the way.  Its free to sign up and participate to all.


  1. Must be an Assumption College student, Assumption College Staff or Faculty member or a paying member of the Plourde Recreation Center as of March 15th to be eligible for the competition
  2. There will be three divisions:
    1. Students
    2. Faculty/Staff
    3. Paying Member of the Plourde Recreation Center
  3. ALL workouts must be completed in the Plourde Recreation Center
    1. Any workouts assigned to individuals because they are affiliated with an Athletic Team, Club Sport team or any other organization on campus DO NOT count in this competition.
  4. Only workouts from Wednesday March 15 through Wednesday April 12th will be counted
  5. Workouts must be submitted through the link found on the Point Tracker page or by clicking here
    1. Submissions must be made within 24 hours of your workout
    2. The final submission will be collected at 2:59:59pm on Thursday April 13th
  6. Only the approved workouts listed in the chart below will be considered
  7. The competition goal is 100 points
    1. Maximum allowed points per day is 12 points
  8. Extra Point Opportunity
    1. By completing 3 different workout activities for a duration of more than 30 minutes in a week, you can earn an extra 5 points
      1. All weight lifting activities are considered the same type of workout
      2. For this competition a week is defined as Wednesday - Tuesday (5 weeks)
        1. 3/15-3/21, 3/22-3/28, 3/29-4/4, 4/5-4/11 & 4/12 (last day of competition)

Signing Up and Tracking Your Points

  • Signing up is free and easy
    • Simply submit your first workout on our Point Tracker page and you are registered!
  • Tracking your points
    • The leader board will be posted regularly right outside the main office in the Plourde Recreation Center
    • We will also post the top scorer's on our social media pages

Prize Breakdown:


Approved Workout Chart: