Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 15:15

Women’s Studies Major Presents Research at International Conference

By Meagan Eccleston '17

McMenemyAlthough making a true impact in one’s chosen field of study is often, as an undergraduate, a difficult task, Assumption College encourages its students to lead, and light the way. Senior women’s studies major Franchesca McMenemy has not only lead, but established herself as a voice in her academic discipline.

McMenemy recently presented her women’s studies capstone project at the Transatlantic Connections Ireland 2017 conference, which took place from January 11-15 and included speakers from a range of fields discussing topics regarding emerging equality.  McMenemy, who was one of roughly 150 presenters at the convention, shared a 20-minute presentation on her detailed work, “Samuel Beckett, a Misogynist, Constructs Women as Vice Through the Objectification of Women as Sexual Beings.”

McMenemy first came across the works of Samuel Beckett--an Irish writer from the Modernist movement who lived from 1903-1989--after her father passed away in 2009. Her father’s Irish heritage inspired her to learn more about Irish literature and culture. After delving into Beckett’s short stories, she was immediately struck by the objectification of women in his works. McMenemy decided to examine the portrayal of women in literature through her extensive research project. In her abstract, she states that in Beckett’s work, a man “has a higher purpose because he is the mind, while a woman is represented only as the body.”

”I was proud to represent the Assumption College community while showcasing my semester-long research at this conference,” said McMenemy.

McMenemy aims to continue her advocacy for women’s rights during her remaining time at Assumption and after graduating.

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College
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