Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 21:15

Remembering Sandy Casey G'05

Assumption College President Francesco C. Cesareo, Ph.D. shared the following statement with students, faculty and staff earlier today:

"I am saddened to share with the Assumption College community that Sandy Casey G'05 is among those who tragically lost their lives in Las Vegas on Sunday evening. Sandy earned an undergraduate degree from St. Joseph College in Vermont and a Master of Arts in Special Education from Assumption in 2005.
Sandy, who was 35, lived in Redondo Beach, CA, where she served as a special education teacher at Manhattan Beach Middle School, located southwest of Los Angeles. Her superintendent is quoted as stating, "She's absolutely loved by students and colleagues alike and will be remembered for her sense of humor, her passion for her work, her devotion to her students, her commitment to continue her own learning and taking on whatever new projects came her way. She's made a tremendous difference in the lives of our students and their families, many of whom worked with her over multiple years." Sandy truly embodied the Assumptionist spirit as an individual who was using her gifts to make a meaningful impact in this world.
Plans are underway for a Memorial Mass on campus for Sandy and all victims of the terrible events that unfolded in Las Vegas.
The shooting is a harsh reminder of the darkness that attempts to consume the world in which we live. Despite that darkness, the light of hope can be found illuminating such tragedies in the selfless actions of those that put their own lives in jeopardy assisting others (even strangers) and those that spent hours waiting in long lines to donate blood for the hundreds that are hospitalized. Today, you can be the light in the darkness by donating blood in Hagan Hall, from 2 until 8 p.m. While such a donation is unlikely to help the victims in Las Vegas, your generosity will certainly help someone in need locally.
I pray that our nation will finally demonstrate the necessary courage to address the scourge of gun violence. May we, as a people of goodwill, take reasonable measures to enhance public safety and appreciate and respect the fragility of all human life. 
Please keep Sandy, her family and her fiancé in your prayers. We pray that she may dwell in the loving presence of God. May she rest in peace."
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Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College
ke.dunbar@assumption.edu @AssumptionNews